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Fish Food

What Fish Food to Feed Your Fish

Proper and nutritious food supply is quite vital for healthy growth of your pet fish. Without an adequate and qualitative food supply, growth rate of your aquarium fish would fall below the normal levels, and the overall balance..

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Which Fish Food is Best for Aquarium Parrot Fishes?

Feeding the right kind of food in the right amounts is equally important along with optimum water habitat for the health and longevity of your pet fishes. Blood Parrot Fish is a popular aquarium fish but not much..

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Feed a Fish: Essential Ways To Ensure Fish’s Long Life!

Unlike keeping the pet dogs and cats at home for making the life interesting. Another interesting way is to keep a fish aquarium at home. Fishes are the aquatic organisms. There are different species of fishes and each..

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Essential Feeding Tips for Healthy Betta Fish

You must have heard about different breeds of dogs and cats. But, unlike dogs and cats,  fishes also have different species and Betta fish is the most prominent among them. It was first discovered in Southeast Asia. The..

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How Often To Feed Aquarium Fish?

In nature, fish devour whenever they are hungry and their food is available. Fish are very opportunistic and will eat whenever they get a chance. If food sources are plentiful, fish will eat numerous times a day. In..

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Best Fish Food Brands For Aquarium Fishes

Aquarium fishes need the top food brands to get the required nutrition on a daily basis. Here we have listed the best aquarium fish food brands which provide a wide variety of fish food like Shrimp, Flakes, Pellets..

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