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Dog Food

Why IAMS Dog Food Has Become A Popular Brand Among Dog Owners?

IAMS is a premium pet food brand that has become hot favourites now for dog owners when it comes to feeding their dogs with high-quality foods. But what all things have made this brand this popular among pet..

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Top Dog Foods to Consider If You Are a First Time Dog Owner

Having a companion animal alongside you is one of the most beautiful things in the world. And what’s more fantastic than to have a dog as a pet, which is considered to be the most loyal animal on..

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Hypoallergenic Dog Food – What You Need to Know

So, you noticed that your dog is itching like crazy and repeatedly shaking his head. You went to the vet to figure what’s wrong with your dog, and he told you it could be a food allergy. What..

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Cheap and Healthy Foods for Indian Street Dogs

Feeding the stray dogs outside your house is a virtue in itself. You can see the gratitude in their eyes once you fill their stomach of those gentle souls. A great thing about street dogs is that they..

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Why You Should Give Your Dogs Bully Sticks

Bringing a new canine into the family is an endearing life experience. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes—from the small Yorkies with big hearts to family-friendly Golden Retrievers, each one is special. As a pet owner, it’s..

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Foods You Should Feed Dogs With Sensitive Stomachs

Whenever your dog has a watery poo, it’s something you should be worried about as a pet parent. In most cases, there’s a reason behind your fur baby’s sensitive stomach, like eating something that they aren’t supposed to..

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9 Hazardous Food Options to Avoid for Your Pet Dog

‘Bad Dog, Bad Dog!’ this might be a common refrain you hear when your cute canine friend misbehaves and stares at you with those innocent pair of eyes. But shouldn’t she too say ‘Bad Food, Bad Food!’ when..

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Golden Retriever: Top Dog Food & Feeding Patterns To Know

Did you know? Golden Retrievers are the most cherished types of breeds you’ll ever see! The breed is known for their sheer intelligence which makes them excel in obedience training sessions. Owing to their quick learning skills and..

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What Dog Food is Best For Your Doberman?

Dobermans are very intelligent and active dogs breeds. Dobies do well as watch & service dogs and are also used in rescue operations. This dog can fit well in loving homes to perform the role of a loyal..

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5 Unique Homemade Dog Treats’ Recipes

A dog parent is always looking to fill his/her pooch’s diet with nutritious ingredients. There’s a natural and wise tendency to look out for health benefits in every edible thing we purchase for our furry babies. Having real..

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