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Funny Pets

Why Dogs Love to Steal & Chew on Dirty Laundry?

Dogs for a variety of reasons love to run away and play with our used clothes. Dirty socks and underwear seem to be their favorite pick. There’s no denying that the pup looks extremely cute running with your sock in its..

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7 Bizarre Dog habits explained.

You may often seek the reasons behind your dog’s strange behaviors. Sometimes we regard something as cute antics and rarely put much thought into what causes these behaviors in our pet. We have put together some eccentric behaviors your pooch displays..

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Are you a doting Dog Parent | Take the quiz to find out.

Are you crazily in love with your dog? Do you put your pup ahead and every other thing takes a back seat? Read below to see just how sincerely you’re into your pet dog. If most of these signs match, we’d..

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Things you did not know about Your Dog’s Tail| Be Ready to be Surprised.

A dog’s wagging tail can tell us so much about them. Right from its current frame of mind to complex emotions, a dog’s tail can tell it all. And this flexible extension of its back bone comes with some superb functions...

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Famous footballers and their four legged loves|Exclusive Images

Are you a football fan and crazy for dogs too? We have an eye candy for the soccer groupies and clear evidence that these Gods of football are in love with their DOGS. ALSO READ – BEST DOG BREEDS FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS..

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Top 10 LAZY Dog Breeds for Laid Back people.

If you are the lazy kinds and looking for a loyal four legged mate to fit your temperament, consider adopting one of these laid back dogs. It’s amazing how nature has created different dog breeds with their individual personality and needs...

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Things dogs do to say, I Love You Too

Dog Body language and emotions displayed by canines has been a subject of research with interesting and positive findings. It has also been proven for that canine minds process and feel certain emotions synonymous to humans. When your dog reacts to your..

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10 Dog Breeds that love to sleep

Does your dog hit the snooze button at every opportunity craving to get a little more of that beauty sleep? There are dog breeds that love to over-indulge in sleep. Dreaming, snoring, and sleeping are almost like their favorite pastimes. Perhaps..

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7 Dog Breeds That Love to HUG their Humans.

Are you one of those wanting a super friendly pet dog that follows you all around like a shadow? Are you looking for a pup with an insatiable appetite for hugs? We all have preferences regarding the kind of dog we..

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Cute Things Every Dog Owner Does With His Dog Secretly

Here are some quirky and fun situations that every dog owner would relate to. You may be doing these things secretly for or with your loyal companion. We bravely trespassed on this private zone and raked some cute moments of this..

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