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Are you a doting Dog Parent | Take the quiz to find out.

Are you crazily in love with your dog? Do you put your pup ahead and every other thing takes a back seat? Read below to see just how sincerely you’re into your pet dog. If most of these signs match, we’d say you are doing exceptionally great as a dog parent and oh yes we are proud of you!

Take this fun quiz to find out just how much love your heart holds for your fur baby.

  1. If there are more photos of your pup than friends, family or yourself in your phone you are one obsessed doggie parent.



  2. You cringe when people refer to you as your dog’s owner or master.
    The more preferred term is ‘dog parent’.
  3. Your routine has been majorly altered to fit in your pooch’s comfort and needs. A dog lady or daddy is more than glad to wake up early to not disturb the canine’s walking schedule or even avoid social dos on weekends to spend time with the furry mate.

    Image ( walking the dog)


  4. You have proper conversations with your dog. You love to pour your heart out to your pup and consider him your closest confidante.

    Image-(chatting with dog)


  5. You celebrate your dog’s birthday or the day you first met/adopted him, every year. You also buy him/her birthday presents consisting of its favorite treats or unique dog accessories.
    Image (Dog Birthday)

    Image (Dog Birthday)

  6. You aren’t a fan of travelling anymore ever since the pet entered your life. The thought of leaving the pet behind stresses you out completely.
  7. Places where your dog can tag along are the top entrants on your bucket list! Pet friendly hotels, road trips with your pet and dog loving relatives are your favorite holiday options.

    Image (travelling with the dog)

    Image (Travelling with the dog)

  8. You love your daily dose of drool-dollop. Your day starts and ends with those sticky pup kisses.

    Image -

    Image –

  9. Your visits to the market for groceries end up with shopping at a Pet Store.

     Image (Shopping at pet store)

    Image (Shopping at pet store)

  10. You enjoy cooking doggie meals to treat your pet to home-made delicacies. But you hardly enjoy cooking for yourself.
  11. Your dog gets to sleep on most part of your bed while you curl up in a small corner of it.

    Image (dog sleeping on bed)


  12. Most framed photos in your home have your dog/s in them. 

    Image (wall with doggie photos)

    Image (Wall with doggie photos)

  13. Do you Skype your dog whenever away from home for few days? A face to face video chat with your furry baby makes you more relaxed and less guilty that you’re away. (image-
    Video chat with your dog
  14. Do you greet almost every dog you come across on the street or neighborhood? You’ve suddenly become more interested in canines after you got one.
  15. Your dog has its own Facebook page or perhaps your social media pages are dominated by your pup’s numerous images and cuteness.

If you’ve just said yes to at least 10 of the points stated above and can totally relate to these attitudes and a behavior overflowing with doggie love, then my friend you are the most indulgent & best dog parent in the whole wide world. You deserve a pat on your back!


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