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Pet Health

7 Essential Tips to Keep Your Cats Healthy & Fit

Ensuring the health and fitness of your beloved cat should always be a top priority as a proud cat owner. When you do so, you allow them to enjoy their life while also helping them explore their environment..

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7 Tips to Prevent Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation anxiety can be a harrowing experience for both dogs and their owners. One of the reasons why dogs quickly get anxious when they are alone is because they are social creatures who thrive on companionship. When loneliness..

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6 Tips to Keep Your Pet Cats Healthy and Happy

Cats are ideal companions who love to curl up on us all day long. They are often considered the unsung heroes of a house because they don’t make much of a fuss like other pets do, but yet..

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7 Tips to Keep Your Pet Rabbits in Excellent Health

Rabbits make great pets as they are lovely, curious, playful, and sociable with their owners. They also get along well with dogs and cats, which creates a positive environment all around in the house. If you have adopted..

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Dental Problems Cats Encounter Across The Years

Taking good care of your pearly whites is a must to maintain your overall health. The same is true for your pets, and it’s even more important that you pay attention to their dental health since they can’t..

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How safe is Holi for Pets and Stray Animals?

Holi, the festival of colors marks the arrival of spring season and this jubilant occasion brings us a lot of fun and entertainment including the playing session with gulaal and water balloons. Though we are excited about the..

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New Delhi Gets First Of Its Kind 24 X 7 Government Run Veterinary Hospital

New Delhi finally has got its first 24×7 veterinary hospital in Tis Hazari, first of its kind in India. The hospital was inaugurated in the national capital by the honorable Delhi Development Minister Gopal Rai. At the inauguration..

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What Is Deworming? How To Deworm Your Dog?

Who doesn’t like seeing their lovable, adorable creature hopping and wagging their tails joyfully across each corner of the house? As a dog parent it is obvious to love your dog’s energetic nature but on the contracting side,..

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5 Benefits Of Turmeric To Boost Your Dog’s Health

The bright yellow-colored spice in your kitchen can prove to be the perfect health supplement for your canine partner. You have guessed it correctly, we are talking about ‘turmeric’ and its innumerable health advantages for your furry friend...

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6 Necessary Reasons Your Pet Should Get Routined Vet Check up

The sight of happy, ecstatic, and healthy four-legged partners is what every passionate pet owner expects. If you have a furry friend at home, it would be imperative to ensure good health for it. A majority of pet..

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