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Do Dogs Really Need Coats in Winter Months?

Our dogs certainly need warm clothing to deal with the cold. Dogs aren’t just animals; they have been domesticated to cohabitate with humans. Most Dog Breeds barring the ones, that were bred to sustain winter months definitely need extra protection during..

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How to know if your dog is in pain | 7 Common Signs

Canines can’t speak human language. They express using some actions and behaviors. It’s important to closely watch our pets and decode their behavior for a deeper understanding of their wellbeing. When it comes to pain, dogs are great at tolerating it..

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Simple Ways to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth without Using a Toothbrush

When your dog is very fussy about having a tooth brush shoved into his mouth you may want to consider an alternative way of cleaning his teeth. You may then think of dental teeth wipes that are quite effective in cleaning..

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6 Easy Hacks to Eliminate Pet Odour in Your House.

Having a pet can easily be mistaken for a messy business. After all, they bring with them a ton of vices right? Fur all over the place, carpets spotted with droppings, the whole package. But worst of all is the smell,that..

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Dehradun Dog Thrashing case leads to online petition for justice.

A quiet evening of May 11th turned into a mini massacre of poor and helpless stray dogs at the Garhi cantonment area, Dehradun. Instead of the word ‘stray’, we would like to call them natives of the vicinity that deserved a..

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Dogs in India Can Hail Cabs Thanks To Awesome Husband-Wife Duo’s PETXI

Each and every Dog (including strays) in Pune, India has all the reason to rejoice. For one they can enjoy all the comforts of a chauffeur driven car and be conveniently ferried to and fro between different destinations. The master minds..

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6 Health benefits of Regular Dog Grooming

Keeping your dog clean is more than just a pet pampering session. Grooming will no doubt make your pet feel comfortable and free of bad odor but also help you detect any health issues early on such as lumps or wounds..

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10 Christmas Gifts to quirk up your pets. #SantaPaw

T’is the season of gifting presents and bestowing warmth! Are you one of those who never forget to surprise his pet with rewards it truly enjoys but have grown bored with clichéd gifting ideas and raring to digress from the popular path?..

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Know all about the different cat beds on offer

There are several types of cat beds on offer and it’s time for cat parents to make the right pick for the winter season to suit their feline family. Cats, young and old love to keep warm and a cozy private..

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6 Whacky Pet Themed Furniture Ideas that you MUST TRY.

Love for all things natural has led many designers and art connoisseurs merge the inanimate with the beautiful creations of nature, animals. Furniture designs drawn from animal shapes add to the element of frivolity in simple and convenient equipment often filling..

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