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7 Quick and Easy Litter Training Tips for Cats

If you have brought a lovely kitten home or if you have adopted an adorable stray cat, one thing you have to learn is to litter-train them. This is a vital step to keep your cats healthy and..

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How to Travel With Your Cat Safely & Comfortably?

  Travelling with your cat can be a rejuvenating experience, and it is one of the best ways to boost your overall bond with them. Yet, you must consider a few things before starting the trip to make..

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9 Essential Supplies Each Cat Owner Should Have

  Welcoming a new cat to the house is an experience many can’t express in words. They add joy to our lives and give us companionship whenever we feel alone. However, to keep them healthy and happy in..

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How Much Exercise Do My Dogs Need?

  Apart from good nutrition, one thing which ensures excellent health in dogs is regular physical activity. All dogs need exercise to keep strong muscles, prevent obesity, improve mobility, and reduce the risk of injuries. However, the amount..

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How to Crеatе a Dog-Friеndly Homе Environmеnt

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  Dogs arе wondеrful animals who can turn any housе into a homе, thanks to thеir unconditional lovе and playfulnеss. If you arе somеonе who is planning to bring a puppy to your housе, you nееd to first..

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The Healing Touch of a Wagging Tail- How Dogs Heal Humans Unknowingly

  Dogs are always considered man’s best friends. Ever wonder why? The answer to this question is very evident as they offer unconditional love and support which helps in reducing our stress levels, anxiety, and depression. Having a..

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7 Toys to Keep Your Cat Busy & Entertained

  Cats are extremely playful creatures who like to keep themselves invested in fun activities. If they are made to sit in one place, they can quickly get bored. They may indulge in destructive behaviours like chewing on..

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Catnip: Everything You Need to Know of This Wonderful Herb

Although many people might have heard about Catnip, most still don’t know what exactly it is. One of the reasons why people have an interest in Catnip is why cats go crazy after “experiencing” it. Once you fully..

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7 Best Dog Treats In India That Your Dogs Will Go Crazy For

Dog Treats play a vital role in shaping the overall behaviour of your lovely dogs. The reason for this is because food is a great motivator for all dogs and they will do anything to get a bite..

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How to Select The Right Winter Coat For Your Dog

The cold weather during winters can be a testing time for your dogs. While some dogs can protect themselves from the harsh cold outside, a large number of others cannot. The rest of them depend on warm clothes..

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