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7 Bollywood Films Where a Dog Was The Star

Humans and dogs share a special relationship; anybody who owns a pet dog would vouch for it. Bollywood movies usually create motion pictures, which are largely dominated by a male lead. But now and then, we get to witness certain flicks which have dogs making significant contribution to the main storyline of the film.

Given below is the summary of the most popular Bollywood movies where dogs played memorable roles: 

Hum Apke Hain Kaun (HAHK) 

Who doesn’t remember HAHK (1994)? The musical romantic comedy which broke many records and is still counted among the biggest blockbusters of Hindi cinema. No one could have missed the white furry Pomeranian dog Tuffy, who doesn’t only umpire a cricket match in the movie, but actually plays a pivotal role in giving a happy ending to the love story of Prem and Nisha, by delivering Nisha’s message to Rajesh instead of Prem. In doing so, the white furry ball received the blessings of millions of ultra-emotional Indian movie buffs.


Teri Meherbaniyan 

Released in 1985, Teri Meherbaniyan is a movie in which the dog actually plays the role of the hero after the main lead, Ram (Jackie Shroff) dies. The villains gruesomely murder Ram and frame his innocent friend Gopi, who is thereby arrested by the police. The only witness to this horrifying act is Ram’s dog Brownie. Now the dog undertakes the task of avenging its master’s death and successfully completes its mission. Brownie is not only shown as an action hero but it is also shown as an affectionate canine, whose heart aches to be with its loving master, especially in the scene where the dog visits its master’s grave.

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Bol radha bol

In the 1992 super-hit flick, a rich business man Kishen Malhotra (Rishi Kapoor) struggles to deal with his enemies who have brought his duplicate to occupy his wealth. The movie also shows how dogs are known to be the most loyal companions and can never get wrong in identifying their real masters. Kishen beats up Moti as he thinks the dog has betrayed him by not identifying him, but actually the villains have bought a replacement of Moti as well, and it was that stranger dog that barked at Kishen when he was trying to prove his real identity. Even after getting a bad beating Moti remains quiet and doesn’t retaliate, such is the immense love and respect it has for its master, melting the hearts of the audience.


Maa (1992) is a supernatural movie where the ghost of the female lead, Mamta (Jaya Prada), seeks to save her son and also to take revenge from the money hungry relatives of her husband (Jeetentra), who have got her killed. But no one can see or hear her, except for their family dog Dobby. There are heart rending scenes where Mamta helplessly watches her infant son being tortured. Here Dobby comes to the rescue; it diligently follows Mamta’s instructions and protects the child. The dog becomes the means through which the otherwise powerless lady gains some control over her circumstances.

Chillar Party

A national award winning movie, Chillar Party (2011) presents the story of a group of children living in a society called Chandan Nagar. The gang of these tiny pranksters adds a new member in the form of Fatka, a domestic help, along with his dog, Bhidu. The real drama unfolds when a rash politician Bhide decides to get rid of all the stray dogs of Mumbai. Chillar party of the kids can save Bhidu only if they get more than 50% votes in favor of the dog, from their society members. Children do their best to get votes and even go for a ‘Chaddi March’ wherein they march the streets wearing nothing but their underwear. The dog, Bhidu, is the centre around which the film revolves and hence helps promote the bond of friendship between dog and humans.

It’s Entertainment

‘It’s Entertainment’ is an upcoming movie, releasing on 8th August, 2014, and stars Akshay Kumar. Akshay is the illegitimate son of a filthy rich man, who pledges all his wealth in the name of his dog who is also named ‘Entertainment’ in the movie. Akshay wishes to kill the dog to get all of his father’s money and property, but eventually develops a bond with the dog.


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