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Popular Rabbit Breeds that will fit perfectly in your Heart and Home

Rabbits can serve as an amazing companion to humans small & big. In case you are planning to get one for your child, make sure he/she is at least 10 years of age in order to understand the nuances of caring for another life & to be able to carefully handle and manage the pet. It is always important that some adult family member monitors and performs most of the duties pertaining to the rabbit. Rabbit love socializing with their human family. Also bunny adoption means an 8 to 12 year commitment as rabbits can easily live upto that age. Abandoning the pet mid-way and sending it off to some animal care shelter is not just an immature and unkind act but can affect the mental and physical health of the animal as they are forced to live in an unfamiliar setting.


The good news is that with a little patience rabbits can be litter-box trained as instinctually they pick out only one or two particular spots in the house to urinate or defecate. They will usually choose a corner of some room to pop out the pills/poop and urinate. It is very important to entitle your rabbit to the much deserved freedom to roam about freely in your home. In a scenario where some rabbit owners may want their pet to get used to a cage, it is important you allow your bunny a lot of time outside of it too (a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of daily freedom from cage). They love to play therefore it is important to offer them different kinds of toys they can even chew on and keep themselves entertained.

Don’t forget to indulge your fur-ball a little more on the 26th of September each year as the world celebrates International Rabbit Day!

Here is a list of 7 well-liked rabbit breeds that serve as excellent pets-

  1. Lion-head Rabbit:

lionhead rabbit 1

Size– Petite

Weight– 4 pounds

Distinguishing features– The reason behind the name given to this breed is the lion-like mane (this breed has a very soft fur) that covers its face and in case of a double mane it extends from the face till the back of the rabbit, often looking like a woolly sarong.

Temperament– Playful & Gentle natured.

lionhead rabbit 2

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  1. Dutch Rabbit:

dutch rabbit 1

The breed is said to have originated in Holland. And it is considered to be one of the earliest breeds to be tamed as pets. It is a popular participant in Rabbit shows.

Distinguishing Features– It has white fur on the face and rest of the body combined with shades such as brown, black or blue etc.

Temperament- This breed is calm & easy going. Love to play and immensely enjoy human company.

dutch rabbit 2


  1. Netherland Dwarf Rabbit:



Size– One of the Smallest breeds of rabbits

Weight– 2 pounds

This breed is another popular choice in Rabbit shows.

Distinguishing Features- It has tiny ears & short hair (coat). The fur could vary in terms of coloring and overall pattern.

Temperament- They stay happier if they have the company of its own breed. Therefore pick two of these in case you plan on adopting this breed.

netherland dwarf 2

  1. Holland lop:

holland lop 1

Size– It is the smallest of the five different breeds of lop rabbits.

Distinguishing features– This breed is characterized by droopy elongated ears. It has a thick fur covering its body. The Fur is usually orange or black in color.

Temperament– It is filled with vigor and curiosity.

holland lop 2

  1. Angora Rabbit

angora rabbit 1

Distinguishing features– This particular rabbit has extremely soft fur, which goes in the making of very superior quality wool. This breed would require greater maintenance vis-à-vis other breeds due to its special coat. The four kinds of famous Angora Rabbits are as follows English Angora, Satin Angora, French Angora and Giant Angora.

Temperament– Angora rabbits are pleasantly known for their very friendly and playful disposition. They do well in the company of another pet, whether that friend is a rabbit or surprisingly even a cat.

angora rabbit 2

  1. English Lop



Distinguishing features- This breed is characterized by a stretched slim frame and really long droopy ears. It is important to handle this breed with proper care and patience else the pet owner might end up scaring or alarming the little fellow.

Temperament- It is a playful breed with a zest to explore its surroundings.

english lop 2

  1. Jersey Wooly Rabbit

jersey wooly 2

Weight- 3 pounds

Distinguishing features- It is a crossbreed with its parents belonging to two distinct breeds namely Netherland Dwarf and French Angora. The fur of this breed does not need daily maintenance. It has short hair and the fur is rough in texture.

Temperament- It accommodates well as a pet in loving homes and is also a popular show rabbit.

jersey wooly 1


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