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What is catnip and is it safe for your cat?

How does catnip exactly work  Catnip is nothing less than an elixir for most felines. For cat-parents new to this term, catnip is a weedy plant of the mint family that originated in Europe and Asia. This potent herb..

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7 Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World

A number of distinct cats are found around the world, but only some are Most Expensive Cats in the world, with so many unheard cat breeds, there’s always curiosity even amid the non-cat owners to know a thing..

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Surprising Benefits Of Owning A Cat

There are so many advantages in owning a cat that you’d want one by your side as soon as you finish reading this piece! It has been scientifically proven that cat ownership comes with a string of health..

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6 signs of Stress in Cats and how to Combat them.

Stress in cats can be caused by an illness, fear or when your cat is anxious. However house cats are good at hiding their pain making it difficult for their human parents to timely detect disease or emotional..

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Best and Worst Spots to place Cat Litter Box in your home.

A cat isn’t taken out for a walk for relieving itself. It uses  cat litter boxes placed indoors for defecating & urinating. However some cats may start avoiding their litter boxes simply because they do not like where..

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Why Some Cats Begin To Sleep In Their Litter Boxes?

A cat sleeping in its toilet is definitely weird and a bit worrisome too! It’s a known fact that felines keep themselves constantly clean by licking and grooming its fur. So if your cat begins to choose its..

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Top Cat Breeds that rule in India.

Popular CAT BREEDS in India Cat lovers in India will swear by the charms of these Cat Breeds, Cats undoubtedly have become the new dogs in an Indian Household, so much so, that a Mars India study put Persian,..

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Is your Cat in Love with you | Find out NOW.

For those who are owned by Cats know that our purring angels have some interesting ways to show they too care for their humans. Want to read your cat well? Look for 10 signs to know if your kitty..

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Pet Obesity Epidemic visible in America and why India may be next?

 Fattest Dogs and Cats in America The annual report of veterinary clinic chain Banfield Pet Hospital is out and sadly points to an upward and constant trend in pet obesity. The comprehensive record on state of pet health..

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How can you Exercise your Cat? Try these 9 simple ways

We all know cats love to while away time napping, and making them to love exercising is another ball game altogether. The fact of the matter is you can get your lazy cat to exercise every day. Yes,..

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