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Pets for Adoption

14 Reasons You Should Adopt A Greyhound

Greyhounds are known for their exceptional speed. Other than speed, they make good friends and obedient ones too. Unfortunately, not all Greyhounds have the opportunity to live in typical homes with great pet parents to take care of..

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5 Reasons Why Street Dogs are the Best When it Comes to Adoption?

We are at a time where a lot of people are showing great interest in adopting stray pups. This is a brilliant initiative as it does two wonderful things. Firstly, it gives a ray of hope to many..

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Adopting a Senior Dog? 5 Questions You Must Ask First

The novel idea behind adopting a senior dog can bring unlimited joy to your life if you are well aware of the pros and cons involved with it. A canine friend in his senior years will give you..

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Want a dog but have kids at home? Dog Adoption FAQs

Planning to adopt a dog but have young kids at home? Questions like what dog breeds gel well with children and which ones will fit into your abode and family lifestyle may be cropping up in your head..

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7 New Year Goals to Achieve For the Pet

How about starting the year on a selfless note? Well good done to others is good done to oneself! We all have New Year dreams and resolutions for ourselves. How about including our pets in our New Year..

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Marathon Runner adopts dog that followed him for over 100 miles | Gobi March 2016

    In a unique case, a little stray dog made an appearance alongside the 101 runners competing to cruise successfully through the six stages of a week long 155 mile exhausting race/ultra marathon; The Gobi March 2016...

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Biggest Animal Rescue Shelter in India at Vizag and the man behind it.

A Love for strays so strong leads 57 year old Pradeep Nath overcome invincible challenges on his path to Animal welfare, a former employee of State bank of India and holder of a law degree, Nath founded the Visakha..

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These Miss India 2016 Models have an advice for Pet Lovers| Be Wise & Adopt a Stray

Mumbai based NGO World for all animal care and adoptions (WFA) joined hands with the MISS INDIA contestants and formally launched on the 8th of March 2016 one of the noblest campaigns of all times- Adopt a Stray!..

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All you need to know about PUGS; is here.

Pugs: Well built though compact, peaceful yet playful & comical, may bark at every ring at the door-bell yet welcoming & amicable and last but not the least `hungry for love’, are a few words that best describe this..

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Thinking Dog Adoption? Pedigree Great Dane puppies are Available for Dog lovers in Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi.

Great Danes are ferociously gentle, also popularly referred to as gentle giants among dog breeds prevalent in India. Its intimidating size and powerful bark is sure to scare the hell out of unwanted intruders in your house but..

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