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Marathon Runner adopts dog that followed him for over 100 miles | Gobi March 2016



In a unique case, a little stray dog made an appearance alongside the 101 runners competing to cruise successfully through the six stages of a week long 155 mile exhausting race/ultra marathon; The Gobi March 2016. This cute puppy however chose to partner with Dion Leonard, an ultra-runner from Edinburgh and eventually shared a medal with him.

Gobi and Leonard
The stray pup (now nicknamed Gobi) followed him during the respective duration of the race by the day and retired at night next to him at his campsite. Leonard even gave the dog a name and began calling it Gobi; nicknamed it after the venue. On day 3, the participants had to cover a rugged terrain, and Gobi unfailingly followed Leonard. The inseparable bond between the two was formed and hence Dion resolved to adopt her for life and take her along to the U.K.

DionLeonardGobiMarch2016 (1)

Image Source – Grind TV

Not just Leonard but also loyal Gobi won a medal for finishing second in the enduring race.

The process to bring Gobi to Scotland would cost an estimated $6500 dollars and take about four months. Read more about this ethereal story about Dion & Gobi and find out how through a crowd funding campaign online Leonard and his wife raised the funds to bring Gobi to her perfect loving forever home.
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