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Top 6 New Year Resolutions for Pet owners in India: Welcome 2016

STAY CALM & FOLLOW YOUR PET !!! in 2016 Dogs and Cats in India are outsmarting humans with their list of clever 2016 New Year Resolutions.  #Year 2016 is here and we all woke up with an extraordinary vigor..

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Heart Wrenching Moment- Dog Tries To Make its Mate Come Alive!

Who said “animals do not have emotions”! Watching this video is a clear insight into the lives of the animals that value friendship, companionship and love as much as human beings do. This video clipping has tried to..

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Amazing Video Covering Charming Bulldogs Doing Funny Acts!

Bulldog is a wide, medium-sized, compact dog with short legs. His cute face and loving temperament entice every pet lover. If you are also an avid bulldog lover, you must watch this YouTube video. This video compilation shows..

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10 Surprising Scientific Discoveries About Dogs-Video

Do you know dogs have three eyelids, they possess the super power of night vision or they most likely dream? If no, then you should watch this YouTube video which shows some amazing little known scientific discoveries about..

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Pet Lovers Celebrated Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday in Unique Way

To popularize the use of ethnic wears on the occasion of 146th birthday anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, at least 50 dog owners in Bengaluru city dressed up their dogs in traditional Khadi clothes on 4th October. Mahatma Gandhi,..

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Miracle Milly World smallest Dog – Guinness World Records

There are many facts in the world that amaze people. If you are a pet lover, you can find many facts about pets that force you to think twice. [Stay Informed–” 10 Weird Dog Facts You Won’t Believe..

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Watch Dogs Walking the Ramp with Oomph and Style!

All of us simply adore are lovely pets! They are not only adorable companions but an indispensible part of our lives. Just like our kids, we are very particular about their needs, requirements and comfort. In winters, we..

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Adorable Video: Labrador Apologizes to Owner for Doing Bad Thing

Dogs are counted among those creatures that are known for their intelligence. You canine companion knows very well what is good or what is bad. They can understand feeling, whether it is joy, sorrow and anger, of their..

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All Pug Owners Should Like This Video

No doubt, dogs are one of most entertaining and cute creatures on earth. They always entertain and sometime mesmerize people with their activities. Pug is one of the cutest dogs that are known for their comical face, with..

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Watch Funny Cat Video To Distress

It is lovely watching small kittens having fun time with their owners. One of them is enjoying a lazy time inside a tissue box and when tickled, it comes out suddenly to lick the fingers of its master...

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