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Top 10 Guard Dogs In India

Mastiff Guard Dog

Dogs as we know are one of our most trusted and loyal friends. Many home owners have guard dogs to ensure their safety and security against intruders. Bakharwal Mastiffs or Kashmiri Sheep dog tops the list of major guard dogs in India. Ferocious in looks, it certainly can protect its owner. Jonangi is the next in the list that is known to serve its master with loyalty. Kombai Dog and Kumaon Mastiff follow these dogs. Though, they are not too ferocious to look at, they certainly carry out their duty well.

Bisben and Pahari Leopard Hound are man’s furry friends ensuring that their masters stay safe. Sindh Mastiff and Indian Mastiff are again quite ferocious looking and anyone can get terrorized looking at them. Rajapalayam is another popular dog breed that is known to be an excellent guard dog. Lastly, the majestic looking, Indigenous Himalayan Mastiff Indian dog breed is perfectly suitable when people are looking for top notch security solutions. All these dogs have innate aggressive streak that helps them to be aware and sense any problem that may occur on the life or property of their masters. They are totally devoted and loyal to their masters and protect them with their life.


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