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10 Friendliest Cat Breeds- Video


Every cat is known for its own distinct personality, which can differ from the breed standard. Friendliness is one of the most sought after qualities in cats that almost every cat lover wants to see in their feline friend. The level of friendliness differs from one cat to other. If you are also looking for an extra-friendly feline, you should watch this YouTube video of the friendliest cat breeds in the world.

Just keep in mind that friendliness of cat is directly associated with the treats of cat that means if you provide tasty treats to your cat on daily basis she will behave more friendly with you. So, you should also learn to buy or make nutritious treats for cats.


Swati takes pride of being a dog lover. Her current passions include blogging, writing and collecting dog pictures of various breeds. She is an active member of stray dog care society.

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