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Watch Dogs Walking the Ramp with Oomph and Style!

All of us simply adore are lovely pets! They are not only adorable companions but an indispensible part of our lives. Just like our kids, we are very particular about their needs, requirements and comfort. In winters, we buy them woollen clothes and blankets to ensure proper warmth and cozy comfort. Similarly, during summers, we ensure that they laze around in comfortable and cool environment. Pet enthusiasts have now taken one step forward and recently a Fashion Show was organized in London, where pets donning exclusive designer outfits created by some remarkable designers were showcased. Lovely and adorable pets, in different breeds, size, color and temperament took to the ramp and displayed some of the coolest and amazing designer outfits.

London Fashion Show

This show was organized by a popular brand dealing with high quality dog accessories, Hiro + Wolf. The show was held on last Wednesday and a wide range of beautiful coats and ornate collars were displayed. The famous designer of the brand Hiro + Wolf, Amy Fleuriot, this amazing collection that was showcased by the dogs found its inspiration by the East End of London. This brand by Friedmann and Fleuriot has been named after their lovely pets, Wolf and Hiro, who also walked in the fashion show. It was fun watching adorable pets doing an impressive catwalk and stealing the hearts of their owners once again! After watching this show, no doubt, their owners fell in love with them once again.

Walking ramp like pros…

The dogs walked with their owners wearing a leash, but excited all the same. As if they knew that they were the centre of attractions. They tried every trick in the book to come across sexy and stylish in their designer outfits and ornate collars. There were dogs in different breeds, some docile while some aggressive, some stylish while some modest, but one thing that was common to all was the fun and enjoyment they had while walking on the ramp amidst laughter, excitement, and a lot of happiness. Many of them were resisting the leash, but it was important so as to maintain the decorum of the show. Also, for the proper management of the show, it was important that they walk on a leash. But, since they were walking with their owners, they did not mind it much.

Walking with gay abandon!

When walking on the ramp, the dogs were enjoying every moment and trying to make the most of it by sniffing the people sitting in the wings. One of the dogs entered with a bang, riding on a cycle along with its owner. Every pet owner also tried to make his or her pet looks especially gorgeous and alluring. Besides making them wear latest designer wear, the owners also paid a lot of attention to the grooming of their lovely ones. Every dog was looking at its best, freshly groomed! Many of them were wearing adorable accessories that were making them look cute. Colorful satin ribbons and bows, especially added to their looks and presentability.

Getting ready for the show

It was amazing to see that even dogs new that something special is being planned for them and as such when their owners were getting them ready for the show, they were ready without making any fuss. It was endearing to see them standing straight and allowing their owners to get them ready in any manner as they wish. Their amazing dresses, with beautiful details, designs and patterns suited each one’s personality well. Even the dogs were trying hard to blend well with their new found personality and designer dresses that were making them look so nice and adorable. While walking on the ramp ahead of the Fashion Show, the dogs were also enjoying all the adulation and appreciation coming their way. They also continued to be on their best behavior and made the evening a great success.

Designer wear for ever…

The idea behind this show was to showcase classy and stylish wear for the pets that are an important part of our lives. As we love to dress up our little kids, we can also dress up our lovely dogs and make them look truly spectacular. When you are going out, you can get your pet also ready to join you. Together, you can look lovely, in your designer dresses and paint the town red. You will be amazed to see so many appreciative glances coming your way. Treat your pets with a lot of love and care. Just like you take care of their every need and their health, you can also pay attention to their looks. Even your pets will find it exciting and they will be more loving towards you than ever.

Picking up designer wear

When picking up right designer wear for your dog, you must focus on their size and color, rather than the looks of the coat. If your pet is not comfortable, it will not enjoy wearing this expensive designer wear and also it will not be its excited and happy self. Thus, one must pick a suitable dress, depending on the size, color of the coat, comfort level and dog’s willingness to wear the same. This way, your entire efforts are going to prove fruitful. These days, the market is full of designer wear and accessories for pets. Depending on the season, you can pick a nice outfit that also goes well with the nature, behavior and temperament of your pets. Make them wear what they like and don’t force them!

This show, which was held on 18th September, last Friday saw a full house of pet lovers and owners who enjoyed a great evening with their adorable companions. Those who were participating also had a wonderful time and they loved to be appreciated by the gathering. Amidst loud cheering and clapping, when these lovely pets walked the ramp, the whole ambience was electrified and the appreciation and love for the pets witnessed a new height among all present watching the show!


Sugandha is a devoted pet owner who owns two cats named Kai, Ritter & a Golden Retriever named Bracky. She is an avid dog agility enthusiast, and hopes her new pup will someday be an agility champion!. In an effort to strengthen the bond between people and their pets, she shares her knowledge by writing articles.

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