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Pet Health

7 Things You Know About Your Dog But Aren’t TRUE!

There is so much information around about dogs available but not all of it is true or verifiable. Pet parents need to be cautious when confronted with such info and prevent themselves from blindly applying or believing all..

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Symptoms of Canine Dementia and how to deal with it?

What is Canine Dementia? An aging dog will most likely display behavior changes. Dementia, also known as cognitive dysfunction syndrome is characterized by aging of the canine brain. This affects your dog’s memory, learning ability, understanding and focus..

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What is catnip and is it safe for your cat?

How does catnip exactly work  Catnip is nothing less than an elixir for most felines. For cat-parents new to this term, catnip is a weedy plant of the mint family that originated in Europe and Asia. This potent herb..

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Understanding The 6 Reasons Behind your Dog’s Yawn

Ever wondered why your dog yawns? Just because a dog’s yawn looks same to that of a human’s it doesn’t always mean it depicts the same thing. When a dog opens his jaw and takes a deep breath,..

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6 signs of Stress in Cats and how to Combat them.

Stress in cats can be caused by an illness, fear or when your cat is anxious. However house cats are good at hiding their pain making it difficult for their human parents to timely detect disease or emotional..

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5 Secrets To Help Your Dog Live Longer.

“Dogs’ Lives Are Too Short.” ” Their Only Fault, Really!”  : Agnes Sligh Turnbull A dog’s life spans between 10 to 15 years depending upon the breed type, mental and physical health. Every dog parent wants to extend his/her..

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How much exercise is enough for a puppy?

All dogs need some form of movement depending upon their age, medical condition and dog breed type. There are multiple benefits ingrained in an active lifestyle for your pet. Therefore hooking on the pup from a young age..

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How to help a dog get over its traumatic past?

A dog that has faced abuse in the past can become distressed and fearful of humans. Neglect and ill-treatment meted out by a past owner can have lasting consequences for the canine. The dog even after being rescued..

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Can Dogs Remember Their Previous Owners?

Dogs adopted from a shelter have had either good or bad experiences with their previous owners. When we bring home a rescue dog, there’s always curiosity to understand if the pooch remembers its previous owner in any way...

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Why Some Cats Begin To Sleep In Their Litter Boxes?

A cat sleeping in its toilet is definitely weird and a bit worrisome too! It’s a known fact that felines keep themselves constantly clean by licking and grooming its fur. So if your cat begins to choose its..

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