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Why do Dogs choose one Master? Dogs Decoded

Every time when a new four legged family member joins the hearty human pack, it is welcomed and cherished by all. But in due course the dog begins to develop a special connection with only one person often seen as its leader, giver and caretaker and the selection process may depend on more than just instinctual pack animal behavior and alpha syndrome. Unlike Humans, Dogs are indiscreet in declaring their allegiance to one person in family.

The pet dog may love all family members but is relentlessly fonder of only one of them. The canine naturally feels attracted to this individual; in some cases said person may not singularly cater to the needs of the pet. Still the dog feels an instinctive affinity to his chosen master; it feels relaxed, secure and needless to say playful around him/her. It’s True master



Although dogs may develop more fondness for one particular member versus the rest of its human family, in-spite of the fact that the chosen individual wasn’t solely catering to the pet. The dog will show some clear signs to convey its special affection towards the chosen one. Sleeping beside the respective person is one evident signal, wanting to play the most with this particular family member, yearning for his/her attention in the form of a loving touch and being most happy or comfortable in his/her company are some of the other indicators.

If you are the object of your dog’s natural affinity and affection, then the only wise thing to do would be to reciprocate by accepting the complete responsibility of looking after the animal and eventually work towards creating a beautiful bond.
paw in hand

It is also important to shatter the myth that only puppies can bond well. Pure and perfect companionship can be formed between dogs and humans irrespective of the canine’s age and type. For instance a dog rescued & adopted or brought from an animal shelter can foster an instant attachment with the owner, if it feels loved and wanted. Providing a safe & supportive environment to the dog instills respect for the nurturer. The owner’s genuine love will win him/her immense loyalty and reverence from the canine. The dog isn’t a toy that you would play with only when you want to; the emphasis is on paying attention to the dog especially when it looks out for you.

Some obvious emotions/body languages a canine will display in front of its master are dropped-down ears, rolling over & lay on its back with legs up, nudging with its nose, or wagging its tail.

Here are ways to strengthen the bond with your dog

  1. Genuine love and care is surely to hit the right notes with the canine. Let’s consider this as the framework that holds the bond together. The next stage in this process is about how effectively the master comprehends dog behavior.
  2. Do not link/consider human habits & emotions while analyzing your dog’s actions. Be mindful of the fact that canines and humans are two very different species; their instinctual acts & reactions differ, therefore, one needs to be very patient while training one’s pet dog. (Physically) Punishing or responding harshly to the pet’s disobedience can affect the friendship negatively and can also lead to issues such as aggression in the canine. The correct dog training approach would be one that requires the owner to be calm, persistent and involve reward reinforcement techniques. It is important for the pet to feel that you are truly working towards its wellbeing for it to accept you as its pack leader. The idea is to set limits for the pet in order to encourage good behavior. A healthy bond is no doubt a prerequisite in obedience training.
  3. Take the dog for a simple walk around the neighborhood or an enjoyable car ride, these offer an intimate bonding time. Visit dog parks and encourage the pet to socialize with other trained dogs and animal lovers. Introducing the pet to new and unusual experiences encourages it to look upto you as a leader that will guide it through rough paths literally and figuratively!
  4. The dog will trust you only when it is convinced that all you mean is true welfare for the pet. This could also mean removing the pet from an uncomfortable situation and leading it to a more secure setting. For this you would have to read closely the pet’s attitude or movements (in a given situation) that may signal a certain emotion such as fear. Your dog could feel threatened in the presence of another dog or perhaps some person.
  5. As the perfect leader you also have to ensure the right amount of physical and mental stimulation. Infuse the day with the right doses of exercise. Introduction of toys and healthy interaction with family members will keep boredom at bay. In the absence of such activities the dog is often compelled to release much of the pent up energy in negative forms such as biting, chewing random things, excessive barking, impatience and urinating & defecating in the house.

Rome wasn’t built in one day! Similarly an everlasting and beautiful bond between you and your dog will build up in due course of time and require you to top up the relation with proper communication, love and respect towards the beloved pet.

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