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Pet Expert Interviews

Why Pedigree recommends MIXED DIET for Dogs in summers

Considering pets cannot verbally communicate we should ideally be more understanding and receptive to their needs, requirements and health. Over the time people have learnt that homemade food albeit fresh is not a complete & balanced meal for the pet primarily because..

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Tips From Celebrity Canines When Naming Your Pet

I once heard a stand-up comedian tell a story about when he purchased a puppy for his parents as a Christmas present. He held onto that little mutt for a few weeks in order to keep it a..

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Taiwan officially bans dog and cat meat, here’s why China should follow?

While India still confers a measly 10 Rupee fine on animal abusers; Taiwan has introduced stricter punishments for culprits committing crimes against animals involving fines as high as NT$2 million (42, 73,498 INR) as well as a 2..

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Dogs in India Can Hail Cabs Thanks To Awesome Husband-Wife Duo’s PETXI

Each and every Dog (including strays) in Pune, India has all the reason to rejoice. For one they can enjoy all the comforts of a chauffeur driven car and be conveniently ferried to and fro between different destinations...

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The Right Way To Introduce A New Dog To Your Home

Adopting a pet does involve some amount of deliberation with the family members; however for some it is a personal undeterred choice that may be made very quickly and is far from being influenced by others. No matter..

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A drinking dog is a happy dog! Fresh water only.

Dehydration in dogs can lead to many health issues. It becomes very important for a dog owner to watch out for a lack of fluids in the pet’s body. Ensuring proper hydration is crucial as water not only..

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Can Dogs Think like Humans?

Ever wondered what your dog thinks of you as a parent or the barrage of commands you shout at it all day? Can dogs actually process information and does their brain function like that of humans? Image: Dogs..

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Can Dogs see colors?

The topic whether dogs are color blind may have been long debated but solid research carried out by scientists in the recent years have confirmed the fact that dogs can see beyond black and white; trashing a once..

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Indian Pet Shops selling pet livestock may now have to follow a set of proposed guidelines drafted by the Central Government of India. The move aims to better the conditions in which animals are sold in pet shops..

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Urinary tract disease in Cats.

Are you facing a situation where your CAT has deserted its litter box and is urinating around different spots in your home? Your cat needs help! It isn’t trying to be disobedient. The problem of inappropriate urination could stem..

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