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7 Signs that Indicate Pain in Your Cat

Are you a cat parent? If yes, then you must be aware that these royal fur balls have only three modes such as, devil form, cuddle time purring and doesn’t care about anything attitude.  However, according to expert these feline friends make a really good poker face when they are in a pain.  They never show their pain and notoriously hide it. Therefore, for a fur parent finding out whether their pet is in pain or not is a real challenge. Until and unless you won’t get to know that your kitty is in pain, how will you consult with the veterinarian? Look out for these signs as they may indicate that your cat is in pain.

Signs of Pain in Cats

Lack of Appetite

Is your kitty not eating properly or not showing interest in food? This can be the major sign of pain. If your cat is facing pain in the mouth, teeth or any other part of the body, the feline might not consume food and/or water. This indicates a severe problem.

Irregular Self Grooming
Cats are natural groomer; they spend five hours a day in self grooming. However, if they are suffering from pain, they stop grooming and maintaining their silky coat. If your fur ball is showing this sign, it’s high-time to look for a medical help.

Your cat is in pain when it is Scratching or Biting Aggressively
Even though your fur friend loves you a lot, still a cat going through the pain might scratch or bite you.  This can happen if you move or touch the painful area. Out-of-character meanness is a cat’s way of stating ‘leave me alone’. So beware and carefully analyse.

Loss of Activity
Have you noticed the loss of physical activity in your tabby? Is it sleeping for longer hours than usual time duration? If so, then possibly your cat is in pain. Conversely, your cat may become active or restless and continuously move due to pain. Therefore, keep an eye on this sudden behavioural change.

More than usual Purring and Licking
Cats don’t show their pain, but they purr. If your cat is frequently purring, then maybe it is because of pain.
People usually relate licking and biting with allergies, however, pets suffering through pain consistently lick and bite their painful areas. They do it so rigorously that sometimes they experience skin infections and hair loss.

Change in Eyes
The eyes can be the important indicator of pain in cats. Whenever in pain, the cat’s body reacts through bigger, more dilated pupils, and slanted or partially close eyes. An odd behaviour and a strange look in eyes indicate a need for diagnosis.

Difficulty in Peeing
Cats with back pain problem may find difficulty in going for a pee, which can cause constipation. They may not pee in their litter boxes too, because of bone or joint pain.


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