All4Pets Bath Hand Gloves for Dogs and Cats

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TYPE: Grooming Gloves

SUITABLE FOR: Dogs and Cats

DESCRIPTION: Excessive hair fall in pets can make your house and furniture dirty and can cause irritation in people having skin allergies. It can also lead to complications like tangling and matting of the hair. All4Pets Bath Hand Gloves for Dogs and Cats is made of high-quality brushes for giving a soothing massage to your pets giving them a relaxing effect. It helps in removing all the dirt and debris on the skin. Going deep in the coat, it regulates the oil glands for making it look smooth and shiny. The glove mimics the touch of your hand and it works for all breeds of cats and dogs. Pets while playing outside often catch stains that cause bad odour. All4Pets Bath Hand Gloves for Dogs and Cats made of terylene fabric helps in eradicating the extra hairs in pets.


  • Made from fine quality Terylene fibre. 
  • Removes excessive hairs in pets.
  • Offers a soothing massage. 
  • Helps to regulate the oil glands, 
  • Eliminates dirt and debris from hair. 
  • Easy to use and washable glove. 
  • Suitable for all breed of dogs and cats.
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