Question: How old should a puppy be when it is first vaccinated ?


Puppies usually lose all maternal antibodies at around six weeks old, so this is a good time to start vaccinations.

You veterinarian will advise you on which vaccinations are necessary.

Question: How do I stop my dog from chewing everything?


When you catch your puppy chewing on something inappropriate, you should re-direct his attention to a toy that is his. When he gives up the illegal chew-item, praise him profusely, and give him the appropriate chew-toy.

Teething puppies need to chew, and this usually means on anything they can reach.

A spray that works well, and is sold in pet stores is called Bitter Apple. Most dogs and puppies don't like the taste, so they will not chew what has been sprayed. From personal experience I can tell you that it does not harm the finish on wood furniture, and it does not have a strong smell.

Question: What is a dog's normal body temperature?


The normal body temperature for a dog falls within the range of 100.5°F to 102.5°F (about 38°C to 39.2°C).

If your dog's temperature is outside of this range, you should contact your veterinarian. Body temperature over 104°F or under 99°F indicates an emergency situation.

In general, the most accurate way to measure a dog's body temperature is rectally. However, some ear thermometers made especially for dog's ears can be considered somewhat accurate. In a pinch, temperature can be measured in the axillary region (underarm) and one degree can be added to the final reading. Be aware that this measurement is approximate and NOT considered very reliable. It is also important to understand that you cannot gauge a dog's body temperature by touch. In addition, a warm or dry nose does not necessarily indicate a fever or any other health problem.

Question: What is the best age for a puppy to leave the litter?


Eight weeks is the minimum age for a puppy to leave the litter. It is also illegal in some states/areas for breeders to sell any puppy under the age of eight weeks. For maximum benefits though, it really is best to wait until twelve weeks before separating a pup from his mother and littermates. Puppies learn restraint and proper pay, including some bite inhibition from each other. For a well adjusted family member, leave him with his family until he's twelve weeks old.

Question: What shampoo should I use on my dog?


There are many shampoos available for dogs. Human shampoos or products are inappropriate as they are formulated with a different pH than what a dog needs. The type of shampoo you use depends on your dog and your personal preference. There are shampoos to brighten white coats, revitalise red and yellow coats, aromatherapy shampoos, conditioning shampoos for fluffy coats, gentle and tearless shampoos for puppies, hypoallergenic shampoos for gentle cleaning and oatmeal shampoos for itchy skins. The list is endless! There are also many flea shampoos and rinses available but check the label first and always follow the directions. Medicated shampoos may be prescribed by your vet for specific skin conditions.

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