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Bayer’s Kiltix Collar (Large) helps to eliminate and prevent the population of tick and flea. It is suitable for a dog weighting more than 19 kg, irrespective of the breed. After opening the seal pack, unroll the collar and take out the plastic strips that are lying in between the collar band. You need to put the collar around your dog’s neck loosely. Wearing the collar at all times would give the expected results. Before the dog is to have any contact with water, please remove the collar, as water may lessen the expected effect of the collar.

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Each 10 gm contains 1.0 gm Propoxur (2-isopropoxyphenyl-N-methylcarbamate) and 0.225 gm Flumethrin

What are the benefits?
The kiltix collar has been build to keep your pet dog healthy and happy by keeping the irritating and disease-causing parasites at bay. Kiltix collar (large) is suitable for all dog breeds who weigh over 19 kg. The product can effectively keep the ticks and fleas away for about 6/7 months. In exceptional cases, even while wearing the collar, the ticks may get attached to the coat. In such cases, usually they get drop off after 3 days (maximum), mostly without sucking any blood. 

Caution: Animals with too many skin lesions should be excluded from the treatment. Do not use on sick animals or those recovering from some ailment. Do not use on animals undergoing treatment with any organophosphate-based products. Do not let the animal chew on the collar. In case they do, consult a veterinarian immediately. If you detect any sign of skin irritation or any other side effect, in the dog; remove the collar right instantly.

Special precautions for use: You should avoid excessive contact with the collar while fitting the collar over your dog. The hands should be thoroughly washed after handling the collar. A person, who is sensitive to the ingredients of the anti-tick and anti-flea formula of the product, should avoid contact with it. 

Interactions with other medicinal products: None known 

Warnings:  Animals wearing the collar should be kept away from young children and infants. 

Side-effects:  During the first few days after wearing the collar, the dog may occasionally experience slight itching. If you notice certain side-effects which are not mentioned in the package leaflet, then please consult a veterinarian or pharmacist. 

Further Precautions: Keep it away from food, drink and animal feed. After opening the sealed packet, use the collar right away. The collar is poisonous for bees and fish. Keep it away from children. 





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