Bayer Kiltix Dog Collar Large

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TYPE: Dog Collar

LENGTH: 70 cm

SUITABLE FOR: Dogs weighing more than 19 Kg.

DESCRIPTION: Dogs are highly vulnerable to ticks and fleas during the rainy season and the infestation of the external parasites can be a cause of many allergies and infections. Bayer Kiltix Dog Collar Large is a high-quality collar smeared with chemicals like Flumethrin and Propoxur which safeguards the dog against ticks and fleas up to 7 months. Flumethrin is an excellent element which helps in inhibiting parasitic growth. Propoxur being another constituent pushes off flies and lice from the canine's body. The collar can be used in all dogs weighing more than 19 Kg. Bayer Kiltix Dog Collar Large works on a principle called hot foot effect where fleas and ticks are repelled before they can infest on dogs. The collar is appropriate for large and giant breed dogs.


  • A fitting collar for all dogs weighing above 19 Kg. 
  • Gives protection against ticks and fleas up to 7 months. 
  • Soothes itching and scratching in dogs. 
  • Repels external parasites even before they infest. 
  • Eliminates lice and fleas.
  • Recommended dog collar for large and giant breed dogs. 

Flumethrin, Propoxur


  • Remove the collar from the sealed protective pack
  • Unroll it and remove the plastic strips from inside the collar
  • Give 2-3 jerks/stretch to the collar so as to open the micro-pores on the collar
  • Fix the collar broadly around the dog's neck and thread the free end through the buckle. 
  • Check regularly that the collar is fitted properly and comfortably and at all times


  • Do not use after the expiry date
  • Do not use on cats
  • Do not use on ill animals or animals undergoing treatment
  • Do not allow pets to chew collar
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