Beagle belongs to the breed of Small hound having a great sense of smell and a powerful tracking instinct. The word Beagle translates to “loudmouth” in French on account of the Beagle’s barking and howling nature. They are gentle, loving and friendly and are a big favourite among dog lovers.

Fast Facts On Beagles

  • Origin

  • Weight

    Male: 10 - 11.3 Kg
    Female: 9.1 - 10.4 Kg
  • Height

    33 - 41 cm
  • Coat

    Beagles are short haired. They have a dense coat that lays flat across its body and shows excellent weather resistant property.
  • Skin Colour

    Tri Colour, Lemon and White, Orange and White, Red and White, White and Tan, Brown and White, Chocolate Tri
  • Life Span

    12 - 15 years

Beagle Characteristics

  • Energy Level

  • Exercise Needs

  • Playfulness

    Moderately Playful
  • Affection Level

    Very affectionate
  • Friendliness With Other Dogs

    Very Friendly
  • Friendliness Toward Strangers

    Very Friendly
  • Tendency to Bark

  • Tendency to Drool

  • Guarding Potential

  • Grooming Needs

  • Cold Tolerance

  • Heat Tolerance

  • Veterinarian Visit


What Are The Best Foods For Beagles?

Food For Newborn Beagles (Birth To 8 Weeks)

Newborn Beagles up to 4 weeks thrive on mother’s milk. Nevertheless, they can be given Milk Replacement as a substitute. However, it is important to feed them exactly the amount stated by the manufacturer as too thin a diet can cause inadequate nutrition and too much of it can cause diarrhea. Below are some of the foods you can feed the newborn Beagles:

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Food For Beagle Puppies (2 To 18 Months)

Beagles show rapid growth in this phase and require balanced nutrition. Their diet should have the right amount of fats and protein for building good muscle mass and endurance. Puppy Beagles can be fed two times a day. 1 in the morning and 1 in the early evening. Below are some of the foods for puppy Beagles:

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    Orijen Puppy Food 6 Kg
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Food For Adult Beagles (18 Months to 9 Years)

Adult Beagles show a tendency of overeating, hence feeding them beyond the limit will make them obese and vulnerable to joint problems. Adult Beagles ranging from 11 to 14 Kg must be fed 670 to 950 calories per day. Below are some of the foods for adult Beagles:

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Food For Senior Beagles (9 Years and above)

As senior Beagles are generally not active, they require only a moderate amount of calories. However, their diet should be rich in essential fatty acids like EPA and DHA for maintaining healthy bones and joints. Below are some of the foods you can give to your Senior Beagles:

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What Is A Beagle’s Nature Like?

Beagles are friendly, affectionate, smart and curious making the breed favourite among dog lovers. Although they initially may be quite distant with strangers, they can be easily won over. This makes them poor guard dogs, although their tendency to bark when detecting something suspicious makes them good watchdogs. Beagles are outstanding with children, this is the reason why they make good family pets.

Are Beagles Easy To Train?

They are an intelligent breed so one may find it difficult to train them as they show much stubbornness. Yet, by proper rewarding and patience, one can teach a Beagle few commands and manners. Regular exercise and walking may also help in eliminating unnecessary behaviours.

Do Beagles Shed?

Yes, Beagles do shed a fair amount. However, the shedding is not distinct because of their shorter coat. Regularly brushing their hair can tremendously reduce the hair fall and remove all the dead hair follicles in Beagles.

How Much Exercise Do Beagles Really Need?

Beagles are breeds that are meant to stay active. They need at least one long daily walk and one or two short ones to prevent obesity and stress. Playing games like Fetch with them is also beneficial to keep them healthy and fit. Beagles love to run around, hence they may also be allowed to play with other dogs in the backyard or at the park. This will not only burn enough calories but will also stimulate their mind.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Having A Beagle ?


  • Beagles love people. They equally enjoy the company of kids and adults.
  • They are easier to groom and doesn’t require much maintenance of the coat.
  • Beagles are one of the healthiest dog breeds.
  • They are not choosy about foods.


  • Beagle’s short attention span makes them difficult to train.
  • They are vulnerable to obesity.
  • Can be destructive if left alone.
  • Beagles have an excessive barking tendency.

Some fun facts about Beagles

  • Early Beagles were too tiny that they could be carried in pockets.

  • Tri coloured Beagles are usually born black and white. The third colour begins to appear from a few months of age to a couple of years.

  • If the tail of the Beagle has no white tip at the end, then it is not considered to be a Beagle. The white tip makes it easier to track the Beagles through the woods.

  • Beagles have one of the best sense of smell among dog breeds. Their nose holds around 220 million scent receptors, we humans have around 5 million.

  • Queen Elizabeth 1 loved and owned pocket Beagles which could be fit in one hand.

  • Early Beagles were excellent hunting dogs used to hunt Red Deers, Stags and Rabbits.

History of Beagles

Though there is no clear documentation on the early ancestors of the Beagles, dogs having similar size and characteristics akin to Beagles were being used in Ancient Greece in 5th Century BC. They were used to hunt hares and flush out rabbits from holes because of their excellent smelling sense. There was no formal name given to these dog breeds but they were considered to be the early forefathers of the modern-day Beagles. Fast-forward in the 8th Century AD, there was evidence of a scent hound known as the St. Hubert Hound from which another breed called the Talbot Hounds were created. Talbot Hounds were brought to Britain in the 11th Century by William the Conqueror. Even these dogs were magnificent in hunting, they were slow runners. To rectify this problem. Tablot were bred with Greyhounds which gave them a massive boost in speed. It is believed that these breeds probably gave rise to Southern Hounds which are now considered to be an ancestor of the modern day Beagle.

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