Beaphar Doggy's + Biotine Supplements For Dogs 75 tabs

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TYPE: Dog Supplement

QUANTITY: 75 Tablets

BREED: All breeds

DESCRIPTION: Beaphar Doggy's + Biotine Supplements for dogs is a multivitamin supplement for keeping your dog's skin healthy and to produce a shiny coat. Biotine is a B complex water soluble vitamin is vital to promote a healthy skin and hair. It also helps in the growth, digestion, muscle formation and facilitating the body to use glucose as an energy source. Taurine aids good functioning of the heart and keeps it in a healthy condition. It can also be given to lactating and pregnant dogs.


  • Encourages healthy skin and a shiny fur.
  • Helps in countering skin problems like alopecia and dermatitis.
  • Heart shaped kibble acts as a tasty reward for your dog.


Whey powder, Biotin (800 ug/kg), Taurine (950 mg/kg), Vitamin b12,b6 (350 mg/kg), Niacin (3000 mg/kg), Pantothenic acid, Di calcium phosphate, Sucrose, Starch, Yeast, NaCl, Energy (2800 kcal/kg).

Salt (2.7%), Protein (9.2%), Ceulza (7.5%), Moisture (4.7%), Fats (2.6%), Calcium (1.8%), Phosphorus (1.3%), Sodium (0.2%), Potassium (0.03%)

3-6 tablets daily. This quantity can be increased without any after effects.

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