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What Food is Best for Your Rottweiler?

Best Food for Rottweiler

Rottweiler dogs are strong, true, calm, confident and loyal companions with average weights being about 110 to 115 pounds. Keeping its masculinity in mind, it should be given a diet that is rich in quality lean protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. As puppies, Rottweiler dogs need high energy levels as activity of Rottweiler puppies is high. Rottweiler dogs need different diet at different stages of life. Before discussing which food is the best for Rottweiler dogs, let’s have a look on how much one should feed growing Rottweiler puppies:

  • You should feed your puppy chicken with bone 4 days per week plus veggies
  • Beef (buffalo or elk) with veggies should be fed  days per week
  • Include a raw meaty bone such knuckle and neck on 1-2 days when you are feeding him red meat
  • 3000 mg of fish oil every day should be given to puppy during growing phase. Start with 1000 mg take it up to 3000 mg in 2 weeks
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Energy Requirements of Rottweiler:

In the younger years, Rottweiler dogs need to walk and run distances which require higher energy levels. Since these dogs are muscular ones, they need good amount of exercise to keep them in shape. Diet of your Rottweiler should have high calories from protein so that they can work for the day. If your dog is not getting enough calories and still working hard, he may get skinny or underweight. Calories from animal meat will provide energy to the Rottweiler for day’s work.

Buying Commercial Food for Rottweiler:

Benefit of buying commercial food is that you don’t have to work hard for it and it is also backed by manufacturer’s research so you can be assured of quality. However, keep the following things in mind while buying commercial dog food:

  • Ingredients should be listed in descending order by amount
  • Primary ingredient should be meat
  • There should be more animal protein than protein from vegetable or grain sources
  • Commercial dog food should have high quality dairy products or one or more types of meat among first 4-5 ingredients
  • It should be AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) certified
  • Commercial food for your Rottweiler should be free of low quality preservatives and flavors
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Diet for Good Skin and Coat Quality:

Healthy fat is required for bright skin and shiny coat of the Rottweiler. Rottweilers have a double coat that adds to their elegance. Poor looking coat, itchy skin, and dandruff may be there if your dog is not consuming enough healthy fats. Good amount of fats keep the skin of the dogs moisturized and nourished.

If the dog’s cat is still dull and skin itchy even after feeding him healthy fat, you should consider taking him to vet.


The following nutrients should be there in the healthy diet of Rottweiler puppies:

  • Protein (from animal sources) – between 24 and 26%
  • Fat (from animal sources) – between 12 and 15%
  • Calcium – between 1.2 and 1.5%

To sum it up:

As a general rule of thumb, growing Rottweiler puppies should be fed 200-250g/10lbs of their body weight. This amount can be reduced to 100-150g/10lbs of body weight after one year when the growth starts to slow down. Unlike other breeds of dogs, Rottweiler should not be given a diet which has produced meals, soy, wheat, or corn (or should be given in very small amounts).  


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