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  1. Orijen Puppy Dog Food 2 Kg
    Orijen Puppy Dog Food 2 Kg
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    Orijen Puppy Food 340gms
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Branded Dog Foods For Large Breed Puppy

Large breed puppies grow a lot! However, they grow at a slow pace. Almost half of the calories consumed by a large breed pup goes into tissue growth and skeletal development. A moderate amount of protein content is suggested for them as it contributes to healthy muscle development in the pups. Their diet should also contain essential vitamins and minerals as the lack of it can cause abnormal orthopaedic development.

We at PetsWorld have in our store a variety of wholesome and nutritious diets for large breed puppies from reputed pet food brands like Acana, Farmina, Royal Canin, Arden Grange, CP Classic, Fidele, Orijen etc.

Royal Canin Maxi Puppy is a dry dog food specially formulated for large breed puppies to promote healthy growth and development in them.  An exclusive blend of vitamins and minerals keeps a strong immune system in the pups.

Orijen Puppy Large is a complete meal for large breed pups, having 85% poultry from high-quality Chicken, Turkey, Eggs and Wild Caught Fish. It contains an extensive source of protein which builds good muscle mass and strength. It is a grain free food which suits for the most sensitive of pups.

You can also find a number of various other top quality diets for large breed pups at PetsWorld like Pedigree Puppy Chicken and Milk, Fidele Puppy Lamb and Rice, Hills Science Diet Puppy Large Breed etc.

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