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  1. Royal Canin Mother & Baby Cat 2 Kg
    Royal Canin Mother & Baby Cat 2 Kg
  2. Whiskas Kitten Mackeral Flavour 1.1 kg
    Whiskas Kitten Mackeral Flavour 1.1 kg

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Premium Dry Cat Foods For All Breeds

Cats are true carnivores who rely on nutrients only from animal products. Their ancestors were hunters who consumed prey which consisted of high protein and low carbohydrate levels. Their dietary pattern hasn’t changed much over the course of thousands of years.

At PetsWorld, you will find premium cat food brands that manufacture cat foods which fulfill all the nutritional requirements of your felines. The top brands include Royal Canin, Acana, Farmina, Orijen, Arden Grange, Hills Science Diet, etc. All the foods from these brands are made of human-quality ingredients and are devoid of artificial flavours and other preservatives.

Acana Cat Pacifica is one of the premium quality foods that provide five rich sources of protein for healthy growth and development in felines. Essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6 promote healthy skin and a shiny fur. Moreover, the natural antioxidants in it strengthens the defence mechanism of cats, which makes them immune against illnesses and diseases.

If you are looking for premium kitten foods, then you can purchase a high quality diet like Orijen Cat and Kitten Food. This food consists of Taurine that keeps a healthy heart in both adult cats and growing kittens. Its gently-freeze dried liver flavour is so palatable that hardly any cat can ignore it. This food is ideal for all breeds of cats.

Taste of the Wild Canyon River is a cat food that consists of Spring-Fed Trout and Salmon as prime ingredients. These two are favourite for almost all cats. A great thing about this food is that it can be served to kittens, adult cats and senior cats as well. Moreover, its guaranteed levels of Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin E strengthens the immune system of the cats.

No pet food list is complete without a brand like Royal Canin. It is one of the best cat food brands that manufactures both regular and prescription foods for cats of all breeds. For indoor cats who don’t like exercises, nothing can be better than Royal Canin Indoor 27+ Adult Cat Food. This food consists of natural fibres that facilitates a smooth digestion in the cats and also maintaining a healthy weight.

If you are a cat owner, you can now shop the best cat foods online at PetsWorld and avail them at amazing discounts. We provide an all India shipping service and the foods shall be delivered right at your doorsteps within the shortest time frame.

If you require further information on premium cat foods, please contact us at PetsWorld.

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