Choostix Real Vegetables Biskies 500 gms

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TYPE: Dog Treat

QUANTITY: 500 grams

BREED: Dogs of all breed and ages.

DESCRIPTION: Choostix Real Vegetables Biskies 500 gms is a multigrain dog treat having real vegetables for providing your canine all the nutrition and health. It can be served to all dog breeds. The unique shape and size of the treat eliminate dental problems like Tartar and plaque buildup. All the ingredients present in the treat are edible and highly digestible. Carbohydrate content of 70% gives a condensed source of energy for helping the dogs to stay active. It also makes the dog feel full. Calcium has been added for strengthening bones and teeth. Dietary fibres in the treats promote gentle and healthy digestion. Vitamin A is a vital element for boosting eye vision in canine. The treat can also be given as a reward to your dog during training purposes. Choostix Real Vegetables Biskies is a 100% vegetarian dog treat and is appropriate for dog owners who are vegan.


  • Appropriate for dog owners who are vegan.
  • Ample amount of protein content for maintaining good muscle mass and strength.
  • Prevents Tartar and plaque buildup in canines.
  • Fulfils the overall energy requirements of your canine. 
  • Dietary fibres keep a healthy digestive tract.
  • Stimulates Liver growth and prevents Aflatoxins. 
  • Excellent treat for training purposes.

Wheat flour, Oats, Corn Rice, Calcium, Herbal liver tonic, Permitted EC preservatives, Permitted EC, colourants and flavours, Sodium chloride

Crude Protein (Min) 12%, Crude Fat (Min) 9%, Carbohydrates 70%, Dietary Fibres 5.5%, Calcium 100 Mg / 100 g, Moisture (Max) 10%, Herbal Liver Tonic 500 Mg/100g

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