CORISE Ultrafix Duo 100 Mg

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TYPE: Pet Tablet

QUANTITY: 1 x 6 Tablets (100 mg)

SUITABLE FOR: Dogs experiencing joint pain

DESCRIPTION: Osteoarthritis can be quite painful for your dog, but fortunately, it can be managed with the help of a good pain-relief tablet. Corise Ultrafix Duo is one such tablet that not only treats the joint condition of Osteoarthritis but also relieves the pain after surgery. Carprofen is the main constituent of the tablet which is known for its excellent anti-inflammatory properties. This tablet also helps your dogs in soothing the swollen joint pain, especially when they attain seniorhood. CORISE Ultrafix Duo 100 Mg can also be given to dogs for attaining peak plasma concentration within 1-3 hours, 


  • Manages Osteoarthritis and Post-Operative pain
  • Helps In Surgery, Orthopaedic, Hip Dysplasia, Trauma & Arthritis
  • Ultra-effect in swollen Joints Pain
  • Peak-blood plasma concentration within 1-3 hours

COMPOSITION: Carprofen 50 mg

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