DROOLS Absolute Vitamin Tablet 50 Pcs

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TYPE: Dog Supplement

QUANTITY: 50 Pieces.

BREED: Dogs of all breeds experiencing vitamins insufficiency.

DESCRIPTION: DROOLS Absolute Calcium Tablet 50 Pcs is a top quality vitamin supplement for giving overall nourishment to dogs of all breeds experiencing vitamin inadequacy. An adequate amount of calcium in the tablet keeps strong bones and teeth in canines. Potassium and Magnesium help in fighting diabetes and to boost the vitality of internal organs. The eyesight of the canine gets boosted by the presence of Vitamin A. Vitamin B12 present in the tablet is a great element for boosting the cognitive skills of the dog.


  • Supports optimum growth of the dog.
  • Magnesium ensures proper heart function and muscle movement.
  • Keeps a healthy skin and a radiant coat.
  • Potassium maintains good organ function.
  • Vitamin B 12 improves the brain functioning in dogs.
  • Contains natural anti-oxidants for building a strong immune system.

Calcium: min 2.5%, max 3.5% | Chloride: 0.8%
Phosphorus: 2.5% | Salt: min 1.3%, max 1.6% Magnesium: 0.15% | Potassium: 0.6%
Iron: 3.0mg | Copper: 0.1mg | Zinc: 1.4mg
Manganese: 0.25mg | Vitamin A: 1,600 IU Vitamin D3: 180 IU | Vitamin E: 20 IU Thiamine: 0.24 mg | Riboflavin: 0.65mg D-Pantothenic Acid: 0.68mg | Niacin: 3.4mg Vitamin B6: 0.24mg| Folic Acid: 0.10mg Vitamin B12: 8.0mcg | Choline: 40.0mg

Up to 20 Kg body weight - 1 -2 Tablets
More than 20 Kg body weight- 2-4 Tablets or as recommended by the veterinarian.

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