INTAS Neomec 10 Mg 10 Tab Large

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TYPE: Pet Tablet

QUANTITY: 1 X 10 Tablets

SUITABLE FOR: Dogs having intestinal worms

DESCRIPTION: INTAS Neomec Tablets are used for the treatment of intestinal worms present in your dogs. They effectively neutralize a wide variety of parasites in your pet’s intestines including heartworms. As this medicine can be quite hard on your pet’s liver, it is suggested that you use it alongside a liver protectant like Himalaya Liv 52 or any other liver tonic. INTAS Neomec Tablets are also effective against ear mites and hair mites which are known to cause Mange. This medication is applicable for all dog breeds. 


  • Treats many intestinal worms including heartworms
  • Gets rid of ticks, flies, fleas and flukes
  • Treats ear mites as well as hair mites that can cause mange
  • Works for all dog breeds


Each tab contains 10mg ivermectin

DOSAGE: As directed by the veterinarian

Store in a cool, dry place.

Keep out of the reach of children.

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