Jerhigh Dog Treats Bacon Treat 100 gms

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JerHigh Bacon Treat is an organic treat for your pet. Instead of giving your pet any chocolate or sweet, treat it, what it likes the most i.e. chicken or meat. Treats are the best way to train your pet and good treats often lead towards quick learning and higher obedience. With the wonderful flavour of bacon, you can even use it by mixing into its daily diet.

What are its benefits

JerHigh Bacon Treat is just not any other ordinary treat available in market. This organic diet is made from high quality chicken meat and has all added vitamins and minerals that are often compensated. The treat is also rich in iron and protein, due to which you can easily mix it with the regular feed and can feed him every day. The snack is highly digestible and does not disorientate the digestive system of your favourite pet. 

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