Orijen Original Freeze Dried Dog Treat 42.5gms

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TYPE: Dog Treat

QUANTITY: 42.5 grams

BREED: All breeds

DESCRIPTION: Orijen Original Freeze-dried Dog Treats gives a mixture of cage-free chicken and turkey from local prairie farms, plus wild-caught monkfish from New England, all delivered fresh each day. These treats comprises of 100% local poultry and fish in Whole Prey ratios to give the right amount of protein supply to your dog. Orijen's Biologically Appropriate treats are gently freeze-dried to preserve the nutritional value of ingredients so that the dog can truly enjoy the treat.

Reduced calorie and carbohydrate content.
100 % meat content and completely natural.
Mildly freeze dried to preserve nutrition and flavor.
Goodness and aroma of pure and natural meat.

Fresh chicken liver (30%), fresh turkey liver (30%), fresh chicken (18%), fresh turkey (18%), and fresh arrowtooth flounder (4%).

Crude protein (45%), Fat content (35%), Crude fiber (1%), Moisture (5%)

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