PetCare OUT Hair and Lint Roller For Dogs and Cats

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Product Description
Out! Hair and Lint Roller is a handy tool which helps you pick up pet’s hair from clothes, or other surfaces like furniture, car seat covers, etc. It has been designed to give you the utmost convenience. There is a plastic handle which offers a firm grip. On the top of the handle, there is a sticky paper wrapped over the roller that effectively catches the loose hair strands of your pet. The strong adhesive would also get hold of lint and dust which accumulate over furniture, fabrics and the like. The Hair and Lint roller gives you 60 sheets. As one of the sheets/layers gets completely filled, tear it out to find a new sheet beneath. 

What are the benefitsbr />Out! Hair and Lint Roller is a must have for all pet owners. The fur of your lovely dog or cat would always make its way to your clothes, car seat cover, furniture, etc. In the form of the roller you get one of the most convenient ways to effectively clean them up. It is a multipurpose product which would also help you get rid of lint and dust which gather on your stuff. So there is no need to think twice about a product like this. Just buy it now!

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