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Royal Canin Dog Food

Royal Canin, a world-renowned name in pet food segment, is now a part of a large American organization called Mars Inc. which is a global player in the field of confectionaries. Taking care of the nutritional needs of the canine and feline creatures for more than forty years, Royal Canin stands for scientifically researched and formulated food to promote a better and longer life for dogs and cats.

Manufactured in consultation with actual breeders and veterinaries, the company classifies its dog and cat food on the basis of breed (like Pug, Cocker Spaniel, Labrador and Golden retrievers, Beagle and Persian cats and kittens among others), Along with age classifications, Royal Canin offers size specific dog food mainly for Mini, Medium, Maxi, Giant dog breeds.

Royal Canin is the leader when it comes to the amount and quality of research they have undertaken to decide the adequate size, shape, texture and density of a kibble (food pellets), most of which are patented under the company’s brand name. The characteristics of the kibble are modified according to the breed and size of the animal to provide a more satisfying and palatable eating experience; facilitate digestion; oral health and wholesome healthy nutrition for dogs and cats.


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