SOBO Glass Cleaner SB-12

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TYPE: Magnetic Glass Cleaner

DESCRIPTION: SOBO Glass Cleaner SB-12 is an easy to operate aquarium glass cleaner, thanks to its strong magnetic effect and great absorbability. It has got a non-slipped grabbed handle that tremendously enhances the cleansing action. This glass cleaner has a superior buoyancy that helps you guide it to far corners of the aquarium. Also, its anti-scratch cleaning pads effectively remove algae and other water debris from the glass. The unique design and ABS casing of SOBO Glass Clearner SB-12 makes it one of the sought-after aquarium glass cleaners in the market.  


  • High quality cleaning material with ABS casing
  • Super-strong magnets
  • Non-slip grabbed handle improves cleansing action
  • Superior buoyancy that makes it reach far round the corners of aquarium
  • Anti-scratch cleaning pads remove algae from glass
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