Taste Of The Wild

Taste of the Wild is one of the fastest growing pet food brands across the globe that manufactures high-grade foods for both dogs and cats. All their diets are completely grain-free and have nutritional content that gives them all the vitality nature has intended to give them. At PetsWorld, you can find a full range of Taste of the Wild products for elevating the overall health of both canines and felines.

The Taste of the Wild ingredients are unique, consisting of highly digestible animal proteins, which includes real venison, lamb, salmon, bison, boar and roasted fowl. The protein your pet will derive from these meats will help them build strong muscles, keep a healthy skin and also a robust immune system. The vegetables, legumes and fruits present in the foods give them sufficient antioxidants that support longevity. Dried Chicory Roots have been added in the diet for providing beneficial bacteria which ensures a healthy digestive system in your pets.

Taste of the Wild Wetlands  is a highly delicious food for your dogs, providing complete and balanced nutrition that nourishes them at the highest level. It has an optimal amino acid content that enhances bone density and muscle mass in the canines.  For Puppies, a diet like Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Smoked Salmon  Puppy is ideal, as it has a small kibble size that is easier for small mouths to chew, wheras the crunchy texture keeps excellent oral hygiene.

As for cats, we at PetsWorld offer Taste Of The Wild Canyon River Cat, that constitutes of Spring-Fed Trout and Sustainably Sourced Salmon, making it highly delectable to consume. The optimal levels of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids work together to boost skin and coat health. The greatest benefit of this food is that they can be served to kittens, adults as well as seniors, making it a universal diet for cats of all life stages and breeds.

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