Virbac PREVENTIC Amitraz Anti-Tick Collar

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Ticks can be found anywhere, and it is a constant battle which you need to fight with these bloodsuckers to secure the well-being of your dog. They live on the blood of its host, can cause anaemia, tick paralysis and skin irritation. Ticks can also transmit serious diseases like lyme disease, rocky mountain spotted fever and ehrlichiosis. Such ailments can also lead to fatality if quick and proper treatment is not given. Virbac Preventic is your faithful ally in this struggle against ticks. Preventic is an anti-tick collar for dogs which has been designed to continuously control the menace of ticks and mites. Attached to the neck, the collar will ward off ticks and mites for at least 4 months. There is one free size collar which you can fit in the neck as per the convenience of your dog and then cut off the excess length.

Composition: Amitraz IP 9.0% w/w

Important: Do not use on puppies under 12 weeks of age.

Do not use on CATS.

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