Vitapol Pet Food

Established in the year 1992 in Poland by entrepreneur Port Matuszewski, Vitapol is a high-quality brand which produces nutritious and healthy foods for birds and small animals. The brand goes with the motto- Sourced from only the finest natural ingredients, Vitapol carefully develops each product to specially cater to the sensitive stomach of your tiny pet without compromising on its nutritional needs. At Pets World, you can find a wide range of Vitapol products for thoroughly nourishing your dearest pet.

Vitapol can be given to a wide variety of pets like Parrots, Budgies, Hamsters, Rodents, Rabbits and Guinea Pig etc. The products are economical without compromising on the quality. The brand offers a diverse amount of nutrition for offering a healthy and balanced diet for your pet. Their diet contains natural fibres for promoting a healthy bowel movement and to assist a higher nutrient absorption. It also helps to remove any residual hair ingested by the pet. Vitapol also offers essential vitamins and minerals for fighting infections and to keep the immune system in strong condition.

Pets World helps you in choosing the most fitting food for your pet by providing the right information and details of all the products of Vitapol on our website. The food comes in a wide range of weight to make it convenient for you to select it according to the appetite of your pet. All Vitapol products are packed in high-quality cardboard boxes so that they don't get deformed during transportation.

  1. Vitapol Food For Rabbit 25 Kg
    Vitapol Food For Rabbit 25 Kg

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