Vitapol Sensitive Food For Parrot 300 gm

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Vitapol Sensitive is a nutritional preparation which has been formulated to fulfil the special needs of your pet parrot. The complete and balanced food is most suitable for parrots with digestive issues and those who are suffering from obesity, any illnesses or are recuperating. Digestive health gets ample of support from the high amount of fibre in the diet. Fibre helps to reduce hunger by absorbing water and giving the stomach a feeling of being full, encouraging healthy intake of food. Level of fat has been reduced to promote healthy weight. Essential vitamins and minerals have been added to further enrich the nutritive goodness of the parrot diet.

Product Benefits
Reduced fat levels and increased amounts of fibre would help the parrot in maintaining a healthy weight. While the nutritive richness of the diet would ensure that all essential nutritional needs are met. The finest quality small pet food would be easily digested and also register optimum nutritional assimilation. Vitapol Sensitive has been packed in controlled environment and can be fed 2/3 time a day as per the requirement of the pet.

Ingredients: Grains 40%, fruits 33%, vegetables 16%, oily seeds 8%, herbs, flowers 3%, contain natural vitamins.

Nutritional Analysis: 

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