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Snowshoe Cat Breed Information

snowshoe cat

Breed Name: Snowshoe Cat

Snowshoe Cats are considered as one of the rarest breed of the cat. They have an affectionate and docile disposition that’s why they do not do well when they left alone for long periods of time. They are descendents of Siamese.

Origin: United States of America

Appearance: They have light-colored body. They have mask around the eyes, broken up by an inverted V-shaped marking in white between blue eyes and over the muzzle. The body is more rounded than that of the Siamese, with short hair.

Temperament: They are very active, sweet tempered and friendly by nature. They do well with kids and other cat friendly dogs.

Weight: 7 – 12 Pounds

Average Life: 14 to 19 years

Fun Facts: Snowshoe Cat breeds are known as “Talking Cats”. They share their feelings with their owners frequently through soft, melodic voices.

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