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7th International Cat Show India 2016|T’was Delhi’s turn to get Delighted.

The 7th International Cat Show India was concluded on 30th April ’16 at the International Youth Centre in Chanakya Puri, New Delhi. Its capital city’s very first version after a successful 5th edition held at Mumbai and the 6th Showcase at Bengaluru.

Cat show India

The annual event held in our very own capital is managed and arranged by the Indian Cat Federation in connection with the World Cat Federation and Whiskas Cat Food Brand. The event saw a lineup of different cat breeds including the ever famous Persian Cats, Bengal cats, Siberian kitten and the Indian Billi –Street cats. International Judges were roped-in to rate the feline participants on the basis of body structure, traits such as eyes and their shape, softness of fur and overall appeal.

Stalls of the sponsor brands such as Drools and Whiskas known for their wholesome cat food for attaining optimum health of the kitten and adult cat along with booths promoting pet grooming and selling pet products dotted the venue.
The event was also a successful attempt to commemorate the World Veterinarian Day on the last day of the month of April in association with a group of specialized vets present to resolve and guide cat owners regarding pet related concerns/illnesses.

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The culmination of this cat display saw the 11 year old cute-faced Sandy an Indian (Desi) Breed winning an award. Also KIT KAT the Siberian Kitten (from Bangaluru) deserves a special mention for attaining the number one spot in the kitten-category and this is just another feather in its cap after being awarded trophies in Bengaluru  Cat Show.

The show was more than just a perfect forum for cat lovers; it may have unknowingly laid the charter for responsible cat parenting in India.

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