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Are Nuts Poisonous For Pets

Mixed Nuts

Just like human beings derive a lot of pleasure from food, pets also love to taste different things and enjoy them. If you own a pet and are looking for various food items that you can safely feed them. There are many foods that can be enjoyed by your pets, like vegetables, fruits and dairy products. If you are planning to feed nuts to your pets, you need to find out if they are safe for them.

 According to the experts, though, there is no adverse effect of nuts, but the shells of the nuts may result in tearing mouth cavity tissues. It may also tear the inner lining of the digestive tract as the nuts move in the tract. In some nuts, the quantity of fats is too high which can result in upset stomach. These days, there are many ready to eat, packaged foods and nuts that are replete with chemicals and salt that can result in poisoning. Let us see which nuts are appropriate for your pets-



Though, almonds are not toxic for the pets, its high fat content can create a havoc with their digestive system. If large quantities of almonds are fed to the pets, it may be not be good for their digestion. The pancreas has a limited quality to process fats and if the amount of fat exceeds, it can result in pancreatitis.



You can feed peanuts to your pets, but in a limited quantity. Moreover, the peanuts must be unsalted, shelled and fresh. Though, there are very less chances among the pets to experience peanut allergies, but it cannot be ignored completely. Just like almonds, peanuts are also replete with high fat content which may have an adverse effect on the health of the pets. If you are planning to feed peanuts to your pets, you should ensure that your pets get enough exercise so that digesting high fat becomes easier for them. Pets can also be fed with peanut butter provided it is creamy and a little less salted.


Heap of pistachios nuts

Pistachios are not bad for the health of the pets, but are not good also and as such, it is not recommended by the experts in pet nutrition. If pistachios are fed to the pets along with their shells, it can result in digestive blockages. Thus, one must be very careful when going overboard with nuts feeding to the pets.

Keeping the above factors in mind, nuts can be fed to the pets in reasonable quantities.


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