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5 Best Cat Food Brands in India For Adult Cats and Kittens

Picking an ideal cat food for your kittens and adult cat can become a bit tricky especially if you don’t have enough information about the foods. It is not entirely your fault as there are umpteen number of cat food brands out there. Besides, every owner would like to give their lovely cats the best of nutrition, so that their furry friends remain healthy and active for a long time.

In this blog, we will discuss 5 best cat food brands in India right now which are known for manufacturing high quality cat foods and treats. With this piece of information, you can be assured of availing the most ideal pet food that completes all the nutritional demands of your cats.

Types of Cat Food

Before discussing the best cat food brands in India, we need to see what all types of cat food are available in the market. Having good awareness about different cat foods would go a long way in ensuring excellent health in your lovely cats. There are mainly three types of cat food. Let’s see them.

  • Dry Cat Food

Dry cat foods are commonly called Kibble, and this type of cat food holds minimal water content. One reason why dry cat food is a good option is because it supports  excellent dental health in the cats, as the kibbles are known for promoting good chewing. Also, dry foods are cheapest in comparison to other forms of food.

  • Semi-Moist Food

Semi-moist foods are also known as Jelly Foods, which consist of 60-65% water by weight. They are probably the best foods when it comes to easily feeding your cats, as it involves only opening the pouch and pouring it into the bowl. Semi-moist foods usually come in scrumptious flavours and tempts even the pickiest of cats.

  • Wet Cat Food

Wet Cat Foods or Gravy Foods are one of the best forms of foods you can feed your cats as they offer high quality protein, vegetables and moisture to them all at the same time. Gravy foods are ideal foods to be fed to your cats especially if they are recovering from an illness.

1) Royal Canin

One of the best cat food manufacturers in the business, Royal Canin delivers nutrition which is tailored for your cat’s overall health. You will find complete cat foods under Royal Canin which is available for all breeds, lifestyle and ages. If you are owning a Persian Cat, you can choose a food like Royal Canin Persian Adult Cat Food which keeps the breed in superb health.

Over the last five decades, Royal Canin has put tremendous emphasis on nutritional and product safety. Their undue attention even to the smallest of details have made their food products popular across the world.
Benefits of Royal Canin Cat Foods

  • Delicious cat foods for all breeds
  • Help your cats thrive at every stage of life
  • Boost your feline’s overall skin health
  • Maintains a healthy weight
  • Endows strong muscle mass and strength in kittens

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2) Whiskas

Whiskas Cat Food provides your cats with the best of nutrition by their exclusive range of dry and gravy meals. All the food products from Whiskas are nutritionally balanced for keeping the cats in excellent health. Interestingly, Whiskas is a brand that manufactures probably the best wet cat foods for all breeds of felines.

Coming in attractive purple cans, pouches and trays, Whiskas offers Chicken and Fish-based meals for tempting even the choosiest of eaters. The unique blend of nutrients fulfils all the dietary needs of cats as well as kittens.

If your cats are fond of Tuna Fish, you can buy them dry cat food like Whiskas Tuna Dry Cat Food which is loaded with all essential minerals. This diet has a high protein content for supporting healthy muscle growth in cats.

Benefits of Whiskas Cat Foods

  • Consists of one of the best gravy cat foods in the business
  • Satisfies the dietary needs of the cats
  • Wide range of foods for cats of all breeds and life stages
  • Tempting aroma entices even the fussies of cats
  • Omega fatty acids fortifies the overall skin health of the felines

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3) Me-O Cat Food

If you are looking for cheapest cat foods that are also highly nutritious at the same time, don’t look beyond Me-O Cat Foods. Me-O is a brand which is owned by Perfect Companion Group, which is based out in Thailand.

The cat foods from Me-O brand are available in both dry and wet form and also meet all the nutritional needs of the cats. Me-O foods are categorized according to the cat’s age  – Kitten, Adult and Senior and also according to the food tastes – Sardine, Tuna, Chicken, Mackerel, Crab etc.

Apart from the regular foods, Me-O also offers tasty snacks which are simply irresistible for the cats.

Benefits of Me-O Cat Foods

  • One of the most economical cat foods in the business
  • Consists of a wide range of dry and wet foods
  • Filled with a variety of aroma and flavours
  • Nourishes the skin and reduce hair fall problems

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4) Bellotta Cat Foods

Bellotta is a premium quality cat food brand that helps your cats to reach optimum level of health. The cat foods from Bellotta are particularly rich in Taurine which helps in boosting the eyesight and heart health of the cats. Also, Bellotta Cat Foods recipes are designed to match nutritional standards using healthy, natural ingredients.

One such food from Bellota is the Mackerel Gravy Cat Food having Taurine and other essential minerals, supporting excellent health in the cats.

If your cats are fond of Jelly Foods, consider providing them with cat food like Bellotta Gatto Tuna in Jelly Topping ChickenThis cat food has an ample amount of protein that boosts muscle mass and nervous functioning in the cats. Being a Jelly Food, its high moisture content of 87% keeps the felines well hydrated.

Benefits of Bellotta Cat Foods

  • Provides your cats with high quality nutrition.
  • Maintains strong bones and joints
  • Good moisture content for flushing out toxins from the body
  • Ideal gravy foods for all breeds of cats

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5) Sheba Cat Foods

When it comes to taste, Sheba Premium Cat Foods are one of the best. This is a globally renowned brand that manufactures wet cat foods, delectable soup broths and tasty meat stick treats having different flavours. Sheba Foods are known for its health-fortifying properties, thanks to the vital nutrients present inside it.

A lot of cats love foods that consist of chicken broth. For them, Sheba has a diet like Sheba Rich Premium Adult (+1 Year) Chicken Loaf Wet Cat Food. This diet is easier to chew and consists of Taurine that helps boost the heart health of the felines.

For Cats who love fish, one can buy them a diet like Sheba Premium Wet Cat Food, Tuna Fillet & Whole Prawns in Gravy.  This is a cat food that ensures a healthy metabolism and a strong immune system in the felines.

Benefits of Sheba Cat Foods

  • Premium wet cat food for all breeds of cats
  • Loaded with all vital nutrients
  • Ample amount of protein for strengthening muscles
  • Natural Antioxidants fortifies the overall immunity of the cats

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Final Say

So these are the top 5 cat food brands in India who are known for delivering cat foods of the highest quality. With this blog, we hope that you might have gotten a clear picture of the cat foods you would like to buy for your feline friends. If you want more information about cat foods, please feel free to contact us at PetsWorld.

We are more than happy to get all your doubts cleared.


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