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How to Choose the Best Location For Your Aquarium?


Once you have bought an aquarium, you must be thinking of placing it in an ideal location. First-time fish owners should know that this is an important step which has an impact on the well-being of the fish as well. This is more critical for large fish tanks since it’s location will most likely be permanent, once it is installed.

Here is a small guide which will help you choose the ideal spot for your aquarium, ensuring excellent general wellness in the fish.

  • Keep Clear of Windows & Direct Sunlight

Sunlight and the fish tank don’t go well together. This is because sun rays can be harsh, and too much light can increase the temperature and lead to algae growth. This can make the fish extremely unwell or sadly, even die. So do not place your aquarium near windows letting in direct sunlight. You can instead put it in some other room, having stable temperature conditions.

  • Place it in a Quiet Area

Most people set up their aquariums in a room where they have a television running for a long time. Although it seems like a normal decision, it is not at all wise. The constant buzz from the television is highly distracting and the noises can scare the fish, affecting their overall health. So consider a place for your aquarium which is calm and quiet.

  • Think about Visibility

Before setting up your aquarium in a room, you should also consider the angle where you can comfortably sit and view it. Also, take into account the size of your room. For instance, a large fish tank in a small room will look odd and reduce the aquarium’s overall aesthetic appeal. Also, do not overcrowd the space near your aquarium with furniture and decor, as it disturbs both beauty and visibility.

  • Place it Near Electrical Sockets

You have to consider the location of your electrical plug sockets and outlets before setting up an aquarium in a room. If you are thinking of using an extension board, ensure that you don’t overload and also adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines. You need electrical sockets since you will have to use equipment like lights, filters, heater etc. Remember to add a drip loop to prevent the likelihood of water running down the electrical wire and into your power socket.

  • Keep Separation From Other Pets

If you have pets like cats and dogs in your house, make sure you keep them away from the aquarium. This is because they can make noise and even damage the aquarium by jumping on it. Also, since cats are born hunters, they can’t resist the movement of fish swimming back and forth and they may attack it out of their predatory instincts. You may consider using physical barriers to separate the pets away from the fish tank.

All in All

These are five key tips that will help you a lot in choosing an ideal location for your fish. Apart from keeping your fish in a nice place, also take care of their nutrition to boost their overall health. Consider buying high-quality fish food that offers them all the vital nutrients to keep excellent health and vibrant skin colour.


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