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Mystery Revealed! What Does Your Pet Cat Think About You?

What Does Your Pet Cat Think About You

Most of the cat owners identify themselves as the mother, father or friend of the pet cat out of the love and affection they hold for their little felines. They feed her and take care of all her comfort just like they do for their loved ones. But unfortunately, the cats think totally reverse of this pet-owner love bond. According to the British biologist John Bradshaw, who states the style in which the furry felines address us with their tails up and rub on our legs is similar to how the cats show their affection and love to other cats.

John Bradshaw is an author and a cat-behavior specialist at the University of Bristol who has come up with one of his new book named “Cat Sense”. He has been studying the behavior of domesticated animals for over 30 years. With the years of experience and the nature of observing the behavior of pet cats for many years, he has come to an interesting conclusion that the pet cats do not understand their owners like the way dogs understand. Cats see the pet-owner relationship in a far different manner as compared to dogs or other pets. They think that pet owners are other cats that are larger in size.

There are some interesting explanations given by Bradshaw in order to support the pet cat related mystery revealed by him. One of the explanations in the context of pet cat’s behavior towards the humans around them is that basically cats are still wild animals. Unlike the dogs, who are kept as a pet for the safety of the home and entertainment purposes, cats are only sheltered for their attractive looks. This is why they are less disciplined as compared to dogs. According to the book, cats are relatively wild because 85 percent of feline breed with feral untamed tomcats. The low population of pet cats leads to an increase in the majority of cats living out on the streets. As a result, the interactions of the cats with their owners are obsessed by pure nature more than learned behavior.

  • When a pet cat presses any surface or massages the body of her owner that means a belly of her mother which keep flowing the milk.
  • When your cat rub against her owner’s leg or greet the owner with her upright tail, this is a symbol of treating its owner as another large and non-hostile cat. Bradshaw explains this behavior of the pet cat as, “perhaps the clearest way cats show their affection for around humans.”
  • Lastly, when the feline breed brings any dead or half eaten rat or other insect, this does not mean that it is her attempt to feed her owner. This simply means that the cat wants a secure place to eat her kill. However, when she actually takes a bite of her kill, she understands that the food offered daily by her owner tasted completely different and much better than what she is eating that time. So, she leaves the leftovers of the kill behind

These are some of the fascinating explanations about the pet cats that the author of the book state in order to justify his saying. With these above mentioned pointers the author proves his saying that pet cats think that their owners are another friendly feline who are kind enough to them and do not mind even in sharing their canned food with then.

If you have a cat home, then piece of information may interest you. This is because as a cat owner, you always wanted to know what your pet thinks about you. You may also like to know about the hidden fact about how she treats you- Is it the way you treat her? Is she considering you as her mother, father, companion or something else? Thanks to John Bradshaw, who has solved this mystery and helped you and many alike in knowing what they actually wanted to from long time but cannot as they are not capable of understanding the language and actual behavior signs of their pet cat.

So, next time whenever you treat your pet cat as your baby or friend, then do remember; she takes you as a friendly roommate similar to her but larger in size for which she cannot think of the reason.


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