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Top 10 Strongest & Powerful Guard Dog Breeds In The World

Looking for a dog to watch or guard your family and home? Some breeds that serve as perfect watchdogs are Poodle, ShihTzu, Dachshund, Chihuahua, and Terriers. These dogs will alert you to the presence of intruders with their constant barking. A guard dog however does more than just raising the alarm; it will do something…

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10 Unique Mixed Breed Dogs To Look Out For

Is a mixed breed puppy on your mind? Adopting a cross-breed between two distinct pure-bred dogs is a novel experience for the adopter not just because you get to flaunt a unique looking canine but also for the surprises that lie in store for you! Wondering what those surprises are? For one, you can never…

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Understanding The 6 Reasons Behind your Dog’s Yawn

Ever wondered why your dog yawns? Just because a dog’s yawn looks same to that of a human’s it doesn’t always mean it depicts the same thing. When a dog opens his jaw and takes a deep breath, it is more like a communication behavior. We all know humans yawn when tired or bored. Listed…

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How Can You Teach A Dog Its Name?

Name recognition and getting your new dog to respond to you go hand in hand and are the very first lessons you’ll have to impart to your pet. Whether your new pet is a little puppy or an adult shelter dog teaching it its name will require consistent sessions as this process requires continuous reinforcement…

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Why Some Dogs Are Afraid Of Stairs & Ways to Help them Overcome it.

Some dogs develop a phobia of going up and down the stair-case. This is especially seen in puppies, elderly canines and rescue dogs. Although elderly canine may be treated with natural ways for problems such as Arthritis to overcome the resistance, for puppies being phobic to stairs is largely a behavioral and not a health…

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What is your dog’s barking telling you? Listen carefully.

Even Dogs don’t bark for nothing.Barks, grunts, and howls are sounds made to communicate with their human family and canine mates. To effectively respond and cater to your DOG, it would only be wise to acquaint oneself with all possible reasons behind its bark. Dogs don’t bark to create a ruckus but rather to express. You…

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5 Basic Commands Every Dog Should Know

So,What are the basic commands to teach your DOG, for it to shape into a well behaved pet? If your dog already responds to your verbal sounds of Sit, Stay, Come, Down and responds well to his name, you should stop reading here and rather shop dog training treats for your wonderful dog  ‘chukles’ . These are the commands that…

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7 Dog Breeds That Are Easily Trainable

 DOGS that can be trained easily are everyone’s fancy. The bounty of dog breeds available in India, come with their unique anatomy and temperament, often making it difficult for first time pet hopefuls to make a choice. Everyone wants a companion in tune with his/her lifestyle and attitude. Perhaps your pooch is a bit too…

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Five Ways to raise a friendly dog.

Every dog owner’s secret wish is for their puppy to grow up to be one well rounded friendly dog. Those that either have adopted or are planning to adopt a dog can follow the below tips to ensure they have one friendly pet around them. 1.The puppy you adopt ought to be 8 weeks or…

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11 Common Dog Behaviors Decoded

Common Dog Behavior like digging, scooting or sitting between your legs give an insight into the body language/common behaviors of your pet dog. Decoding it will not only help you understand its mood but also better your relationship with the furry family member. In fact some of its actions may reflect health issues that require…

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