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What To Know Before Having A Pet


Having a pet is not very different from having a child. Two of the major benefits of having a pet are – you get unconditional love and a pleasurable companionship. Such incredible associations need to be preserved with great amount of love and care. As a potential pet parent your responsibility begins from the time when you think of having a pet and would remain till the life of your pet. Let’s get started and find out how to be a responsible pet owner.

Lifelong commitment

A pet is not an accessory, so you cannot just buy it on an impulse. It is a decision which needs to be thought through till the very last detail. You need to think if you can easily provide for the food, accommodation, health and other needs of the pet.

  • Read about the breed

Get information about the animal and the particular breed you wish you have. Certain breeds have been bred for a particular purpose or in a certain environment. Bringing them to a surrounding which is too different from their native place would cause problems to the creature. Also check for the common diseases, habits, and other requirements of the pet you like to parent.

  • Need to align your lifestyle with that of your pet

Research about the particular breed of the pet you are interested in, or find a breed which can be accommodated easily in your home and current lifestyle. Certain breeds of dog like Pug, Chihuahuas cannot bear to be left alone for long hours. Such dogs would experience separation anxiety which can come out in the form of unrelenting barking, whining, chewing or other disturbances.  If your daily routine involves spending more time outside home than try to find pets and respective breeds which can be comfortable even while you are out for work.

  • Exercise
  • Exercise for pet

Your pet also needs proper exercise and mental stimulation to be fit and fine just like you. Their respective energy level needs to be utilized for them to feel calm and happy.  The energy needs will vary from breed to breed and individual to individual.

If you have a dog you can take it on walks, play games with it. However, be it a dog, cat, bird, hamster or rabbit, all of them need some sort of activities. You can take the assistance of dog chew toys, dog toys, cat toys, hamster toys, bird toys, etc. to keep the pet entertained.

Your time and attention is definitely the biggest source of happiness for your adorable darling.

  • Training

Training your pet would help you in managing it in a better and convenient way. The pet should be adequately trained and socialized so that it learns to behave well with other animals and humans.

  • Health support

Make sure that the pet receives all the necessary vaccinations to protect it from various diseases. Recurring problems like infestation of fleas, ticks and other parasites should also be guarded against with preventive measures. Efforts should be made to identity and treat ailments and injuries. The preventive care and health emergencies of your dear pet should assume a good space in your monthly budget.

Duty towards society

You also need to fulfill your obligations towards the society as a whole. While roaming outdoors with your pet, you need to clean up the waste matter left by your pet. While roaming in a public place, you should also make sure that the pet is safely tied with the help of a leash, so that any untoward incident can be avoided. This is especially true in case of a dog. The pet can harm someone or get itself in trouble.

Pet population control is also a very important aspect of being a pet parent. Spaying, neutering or managed breeding are some of the ways in which the problem of overpopulation of pets can be contained.

After-you care

You should also have a plan for the dog in case you are no longer able to give proper care to the dog or you are not around anymore.

If done with love, all the responsibilities involved in bringing up and maintaining a pet would look smaller in front of the happiness that your furry wonder brings to your life.


Shikha Sharma believes that Mother Earth is our mutual abode, where all creatures have an equal right to live with dignity. This belief is clearly reflected in her wonderful writing pieces that revolve around animals and their well-being. She is the blog editor of Pets World.

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