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8 New Year Resolutions You Must Take For Your Pet In 2015

With the New Year come new resolutions which we all make to improve ourselves. But our resolutions should not be related only to our own wellbeing, and must also include our pets as they are very much an important part of our life. Pets also deserve more attention so that some positive changes can be brought to their lives. Our lengthy lists of high-flying goals for New Year should also include some resolutions for the betterment of pets. Now you must be scratching head wondering what may be New Year’s resolutions for your pet? Here are the suggestions for New Year’s resolutions from pet’s perspective:


Take them to regular Walks: Getting used to exercise, running and walks is the most common resolution people take in the New Year. Then why to forget your pet? Regular walks add to the well-being of your pet, both mentally and physically. Most of the pets face weight related problem which can be overcome by regular exercise, walking or running. Good physical health also ensures great mental health. Also try to play some games with your pet with which pet can burn calories.

Choose a diet that is apt according to the age: Pets at different age have specific nutrition requirement. Younger pets need more energy and thus need a diet that provides them food with high calories while older pets have lower energy requirements and should be fed accordingly. There may be also certain age associated diseases, and pets need to be fed to prevent any chances of such diseases. Choosing a diet that goes well with their age adds a lot to their health and ensures their mental and physical well-being.      

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Don’t feed him table food: If you feel sad when you see your pet standing by your dinner table looking at you with a sad face and have an urge for offering your pal taste of your dish, then think twice, it may be harmful for the pet. Table scrap can cause severe health problem to the pets because it is not necessary that what we eat is good for pets too. Several health issues such as diarrhea and pancreatitis may affect pets who are consuming table scrap. Formulated pet foods are specially prepared keeping the nutrition requirements of pets. We strongly recommend only formulated food for your pets.      

Play with your pet: In the New Year, get your pets off the couch by trying some new sports with them. Lasers, catnip toys, climbable cat trees, and crinkly balls are a great way to entertain your cat while dogs love to play outdoor sports. What you all need to do is that you have to devote some time to the activities of your pet.  


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Groom your pet daily: Now, it includes a laundry list of things. Just as we need good grooming to look attractive and live healthy, pets should also be groomed on a daily basis to ensure a good health and hygiene. Brushing teeth, cutting nails, bathing, cleaning of ears, shampooing hairs are some of the essentials of pet grooming specially cats and dogs. Grooming also allows you to be familiar with the body parts of your pet that ultimately strengthens the your emotional bond with your pet.      

Ensure its proper vaccination:

On this New Year, make sure that your pet is on proper vaccination. Vaccination prevents illness and ensures physical well-being of the pet. It is also necessary to avoid spreading of the disease and to keep your pet healthy.     

Work on its behavioral problems:

So many pet owners are stressed with the behavioral problems of their pets. Behavioral issues ranging from begging for table food to urinating in the house are a sign of tension for pet owners. In 2015, you should resolve for working on these problems related to a pet’s behavior:

  • Rolling on dead seagulls, fish, crabs etc.
  • Eating other animals’ poop
  • Licking human’s face after eating animal poop
  • Eating its own vomit
  • Peeing in the house
  • Begging for table food
  • Chewing pens or crayons
  • Whining unnecessarily
  • Chewing human toothbrush
  • Barking at other dogs outside
  • Eating dirty, disposable diapers
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One can consult with a pet trainer on how these problems can be eliminated. Proper manual training of a few weeks may also help.

Devote more time to quality napping:

Quality sleeping influences the behavior of pets in a positive way. Being a pet owner, you should understand the importance of quality napping for a pet. Since pets get awake even by slight activity around them, make sure that you don’t create noise when your pet is sleeping. Also, take care of its correct sleeping postures.

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The Bottom Line:

Lots of people will make resolutions for them and for their pets as well but the real problem is not about making resolutions, it is about keeping them. Include your pets in your New Year resolutions and try to keep them throughout the year for the betterment of your pets


Shikha Sharma believes that Mother Earth is our mutual abode, where all creatures have an equal right to live with dignity. This belief is clearly reflected in her wonderful writing pieces that revolve around animals and their well-being. She is the blog editor of Pets World.

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