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Chihuahua Puppy For Adoption – Buy/Sell Puppies In India

Chihuahua dogs are available for sale in India. Well socialized white Chihuahua male and female puppies are available for sale in best condition.

Chihuahua is the smallest and sassy breed of dogs. They are very loyal and love to be kept in the warmth by leaning on the couch, chair, blanket and lap of the owners. The Chihuahua dogs face only problem of biting the strangers and unfriendly individuals. They are used as a toy by the kids for playing. They are extremely comfortable and convenient relationship with its owner as a companion.

They are too small that they need affection and care as to that of the kids. They belong to a social category. They work as the dogs that help individuals with emotional, social or psychological problems and are referred to as the “therapy dogs”. They admire to be the centre of attraction or discussion among a group of individuals. They require dental care and care during birthing actions by a veterinary doctor.,225033

Chihuahua puppy price in Delhi/NCR and All over India – Buy Chihuahua Puppy

Chihuahua Puppy price range is Rs 4000-25000. The lowest price quoted for a Chihuahua is Rs 4000 and the highest amount quoted for a Chihuahua is Rs 25000. As told, that it has now become very easy to buy a Chihuahua and let it arrive at your home, but for that you need to firstly ensure about the certification and the licensing of the place from where you are acquiring or buying the Chihuahua puppy. In other words, you need to check the reliability and professionalism of the dog breeders or the pet setters. Also, before taking it to your home, confirm about all the early preparations required like selection of a healthy puppy as well as the choice of a good veterinary doctor. These puppies are available in both genders. Also, they are further categorized into different dog breeds. These dog breeders sell the puppies or canines at a very reasonable price. This price depends upon the category or the breed of the dog and the gender of the dog so selected.

Chihuahua Dogs breed Information:

History: The Chihuahua dogs have been originated from the Mexico and have been found from the ruins of the Chichen Itza, Yucatan Peninsula and in the materials from the Great Pyramid of Choula in the year 1530. This breed of dogs was first recognized by the American Kennel Club as a popular dog breed in the year 1904. These dogs have been named as Chihuahua by the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. Also, enact as a cross breed named as Chihuachshund made by pairing of Chihuahua and Dachshund in the United States. Another crossbreed is famous by the name of the Chihueagle made with pairing of the Chihuahua and the beagle.

Initially the Chihuahua was the dogs with long hair and quiet. Also, they were considered sacred by the individuals from rich and clergy class. But, now the modern breed of the Chihuahua is well developed by the miniaturized Chinese dogs.

Appearance: They are very small in size and are very sassy in looks and have several other qualities that make them distinct from the other breeds of dogs. They have erect triangular shaped ears, round, dark and expressive eyes, an apple shaped head with a short muzzle, a sickle-shaped tail turned around and touching its back. They could either have short hair or the long ones. There is an increase in the variety of Chihuahua with long coat because of the increasing popularity and the increase in the number, whereas the Chihuahua with smooth coat is very easily recognized. Usually the Chihuahuas are with short hair. Unlike the Chihuahuas with long hair requires no trimming and minimum grooming. The body of the males is shorter than that of the female Chihuahuas.


The Chihuahua dogs with white colored coat or blond have their nose of the same color as of their body, whereas the Chihuahua with any other color has a black and short pointed nose. Further, the Chihuahua with short hair is available in a wide variety with different colors. They are quite common. They can also be termed as the miniature, tiny sized toy or teacup, etc. Their feet are very small and are considered very dainty.

Temperament: They are adorable and loved by the children. Because of its small size and compatibility they are considered to be a great companion with oblivious and intelligent personality. They very quickly respond to the training and the positive reinforcement given. Also, they are lively, active, alert and devoted. Usually they are served like toys to the children, so as to keep them happy. They tend to create strong bonds with the individuals with whom they speak. They get a very strong and emotional attachment with its owners, as a result of which they become extremely honest and loyal. They have an in built quality of easy and eager learning, but that cannot be done and given because of their small size. Some of them are very slow learner, while others are very active and perform instant actions. But, they are not at all safe to be kept with small children alone at the homes, as they are very short tempered and can attack anytime.

The Chihuahuas love the place, where they stay which is popularly known as dens. They are usually found under the pillows, bed covers at the bottom, etc. in which they feel safe.

Chihuahua Breed Major Characteristics:

Chihuahua Dog information
Other names Chihuahua
Origin                                         Mexico, Chihuahua
Size Type Small and tiny sized dog breeds
Breed Group Toy dog breeds (AKC)
Life span 12-18 years
Height Male: 6–10 inches (15–23 cm)Female: 6–10 inches (15–23 cm)
Weight Male: less than 6 kg or pounds Female: 0-6 kg or pounds
Colors Tan, Black, white, spotted, merle, etc.
Coat Short, and long coats
Litter Size 1-4 puppies( as told by the experts)
Health Concerns Entropia, open fontanelle, reverse sneezing, hydrocephalus, retained testicles


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